Saturday, September 3

Kotex Liners Hari Hari Fresh!

Bye Bye Daily Wetness~ Hello Everyday Freshness!
Hello Everyone.

Last month, Kotex launches the #HariHariFresh Campaign, and I was invited to participate in this V-zone health awareness event. Thank you so much for inviting me. This is such an eye opening experience, to see how events and product launching became more and more educational.

Discharges are a norm for every woman. I have not met any who claims their V-zone is dry and fresh all day long. But anyway, being asian, we have always run away from discussing the V-zone topic, as it is a taboo to discuss it in public. As a woman myself, I have experienced several embarrassing moments, and did not know who to ask. Hence, now, I'm learning to embrace the truth about a woman's body.

Moist conditions of intimate area, by daily wetness and perspiration, humidity and normal toilet habits, are prefect breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to odour, itchiness and other health issues. It is important to stay dry and clean using liners, and liners MUST BE CHANGED FREQUENTLY!

Most importantly, choose the right liners - make sure that it is able to provide adequate breathability for your V-zone as well! This is where Kotex Liners comes in handy!

 I'm calling upon all female readers here to embark on this educational initiative, do visit:
Kotex Website

Also, here's 3 mini videos - 1 Fakta, 1 Auta which is very useful for you too!

I'm staying fresh,
so should you!

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