Thursday, May 5


The Day I Worked Hard For My Iphone 5


No, I do not suffer from onamotomaniaan abnormal obsession with words or names; especially :  a mania for repeating certain words or sounds. Just that my memories splattered into my limbic system and I just realised that my heart is connected to my iPhone.

Yes, as you may have guessed it, I dropped my phone for the 27th time today. 27th time already? WHY RANT NOW, MSXEROZ?

Coz I'm a pathetic ass who had highly rely on my super duper unbreakable glass screen protector who has never failed me since 2013. Today I guess the 3 years of harshness has taken a toll on my glass screen protector, and it cracked. *Sobs like a baby*

It was in 2013, when my HTC HD7 begins to wobble and trampling with it's performance. At that time, I didnt have money to buy a new smart phone for myself. So I participated Astro On The Go Launching (wooo... memories) in hopes that I could win one. The treasure hunt was one of the most fun activity I had. One that I will remember for life. I didn't win any phones for that event. 

My luck turned, when my post event write up was selected as the winner, and I became the new owner of the iPhone 5. During that time (2013), iPhone 5 was the most wanted piece of gadget desired by every youngsters and elderly alike *exaggeration as usual* haha...

How fast time passed! Just a blink of an eye, it has been my confidante, buddy, source of entertainment. I get really sentimental when things like this happens. 

Only time will heal the crack.
Only a new iPhone can heal my spirit...

The Onamotomania MsXerOz

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