Saturday, April 30

The Hidden Gem - Renaza Resort, Padang Indonesia

Looking for a getaway? 
Tired of the noise and pollution? 
Longing for a private moment to find peace with yourself?

I found mine - a beautiful small island with a standalone resort - Renaza Resort, Padang (West Sumatra), Indonesia. From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it takes only an hour flight via Air Asia, and 30 minutes speedboat ride to this secluded private island. 

As we approach the island, the colour of the waters turned into a significant turquoise blue, and it is the best welcoming sight ever!

This is the front part of the beach. This is also the only part of the beach that has structural buildings on it. If you are looking to get back to nature, to enjoy the lush greenery of the coconut trees, to look at the bright blue sky - then this is the perfect destination for you.

Underneath the sea, lies huge sharp rocks, hence a jetty is built. Upon arrival, the workers and dogs came to welcome us. Fret not, the dogs are very well behaved. There are some other resident pets roaming on the island as well =) 

The main hall - is where the dining area / hangout area. This is where we sit, eat, sing, dance and play most of the time. Rooms are located on another building. The resort doesn't get supplies of electricity from the mainland, so electricity are being generated by the solar panel or generator.  Electricity sometimes can be scarce and must be used wisely. Nonetheless, there are electricity during lunch hours and after 6pm at night. Rooms are all fully air-conditioned, so everyone can sleep comfortably.
Beach-wise, it consist of coarse sands with small rocks. I think nothing can beat the white fluffy sandy beaches of East Coast Malaysia (Perhentian, Tioman, Redang Islands). Nonetheless, Renaza Resort has aplenty of room for roaming around the beach. I like the feeling of the sands brushing on my feet, the way the friction massages the soles of my feet, re-energizing my blood circulation. It feels so therapeutic, so healing that I walked on the beach everyday.  

This is a private island. 

You can expect no noise pollution (except the occassional motorboat passing by). Listen to the sounds of breaking waves like a love song serenading the silence. I enjoyed climbing on the diagonal coconut trunks (whichever I can access to) and lie on it. 

Rain and strong winds do hit the island or the surroundings. Washing some debris on shore. This is the world we lived in, isn't it? Civilization and development causes so much rubbish, more than our mother Earth can take it. 

Tour around the whole island takes about 15minutes. about 60% of the island remains untouched. Wild grasses and coconut trees sprout randomly. 

Sunrise and Sunset is pretty amazing as well. The whole sky is exposed above you, and you are freeeeee~



Nothing beats a life on an island like this. Roll on the sand, smelling salty and sticky, but feeling so HAPPY.

That's all from me now. Looking forward for my next trip - Jakarta, Indonesia.


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