Thursday, April 28

Club Med Cherating (II)

Yo babes! Here's the continuation of my Clubmed escapades huhu last two weeks. It was really fun, and a much needed getaway for me and hubby. As a beach person, we enjoyed the Cherating Beach the most. The picturesque calm beach, with the wind fine sands, is truly a unforgettable view.

What I love most, is the exclusivity, and the cleanliness of the beach. Here, despite the scorching heat of 38 degrees Celcius, I didnt mind the sweat and sunburn!
I have never seen such a tranquil beach before. The white fluffy sands, and the beautiful lagoon, is truly mesmerizing. I can spend my whole day hear, doing nothing, staring at space!

 It was a beautiful day, with aplenty of sunlight. What a perfect day!

I would recommend this place as a wedding photoshoot venue. The sands are quite managable, and the sunrays were fantastically beautiful. Part of me wishing, how nice if I could turn back the clock, and get married here instead.

Beautiful aint it?

The whole beach is filled with cute organisms - crabs. We spotted quite a few different species of crabs and little fishies. 

It's wondrous how perfect mother nature works.

There's so much evidence of crab activities. Being a crab lover, I enjoyed watching the magical formation of sands that the crabs made. Stay still, and you will see them emerging in groups.

The Zen Pool is located right at the corner of the beach. Zen Pool is a place where peace is faithfully upheld. It's the perfect place to seek one's inner peace. No noises are allowed to be made, and the beauty of the Zen Pool is truly astounding

I had the time of my life reading my novels here, accompanied by the delicous cocktail being served nearby. 

My only regret is that I didnt jump in the pool. I was so relaxed and enjoyed my inner peace, that I didnt feel like jumping into the pool. Now thinking about it, I really regret not doing so.

Zen Pool overlooks the huge scenic beach.

Sailing activity is available at the recreational beach. Clubmed Cherating is truly amazing, where many activities and companion are provided. The GOs were really friendly and nice, and they know how to make us feel like home.

Thinking about it makes me feel happy already. I wish one day, I will get a chance to explore Clubmed again. *fingercrossed*


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