Sunday, April 10

Club Med Cherating (I)

Hello again! 

It's been a craaaazy week until my biological clock went haywire with too much party and too little sleep. I think I have travelled almost a thousand kilometers this week, from Kuala Lumpur to Johore, then Singapore, and now I'm at Cherating, Pahang.
All the time spent in the car, was worthwhile! I slept all the way here, and when I opened my eye, I was greeted by the spectacular view of coconut trees and sounds of the waves of the sea!!!
This beautiful sight of nature is indeed very contrasting with what I had in Singapore. Singapore is indeed, a spectacular place, but I've always love mother nature. 

This is my first time in Club Med Cherating. I was told this place existed many years ago, so finally, thanks to Mr Chen from, i was invited here. We were welcomed by the receptionist Alice, and was being refreshed and briefed about our activities here. There's loads of activities here, from  land sports, water sports, and even jungle trekking. I'm gonna be so occupied for sure!

Rooms, unfortunately, isn't impressive at all. I guess thats the upside of it, to make the guests to leave the unimpressive rooms for outdoor activities. My room is pretty much dark and dingy, and my aircond isn't functioning well. 

Other than that, everything seems fun! 


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