Thursday, April 28

Boundaries of Emptiness

As clock ticks, time passed in seconds and without knowing it, things changed. Along the years, technology and social media deeply influenced my life. Growing up with ICQ, Friendster, and Facebook, connections and friends are made with just a click of mouse. We began writing our inner thoughts, rants, and even provocative materials to express ourselves.

As I get older, the more people I get to know, the more I was concerned about what people think of me. Yups, there are times when such insecurities hit. Last week I had dinner with an uncle, and he was sharing his thoughts on posting photos on Facebook. He deeply disapproves posting work-related material on Facebook, as may do a lot of damage to the company. Internal information can be relayed to the business competitors and so forth.


The internet has always been a double edge sword. It can create opportunities, at the same time, it has the power to destroy. But i strongly believe that one should not shun the internet, due to fear. All in all, the internet has been superbly useful and people will die without it. People, in this sense is me, i conlan7firm will die without the internet.

Just realised part of my post went missing *rage* This is the disadvantages of relying on the mobile apps to do blog. Sometimes things just doesn't go smoothly as we imagined it to be.


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