Saturday, March 12

Ruv, Relax and Rejuvenate...

That awkward moment when I realised that I feel typy (as in, the urge to type and write something) and I got so motivated to blog again (as for now). As I grow older, wiser, fatter, huger, I grew lazier as well. As of now, I have yet to find out why my writing mood dissipitated since 2013. Where were all my time spent?! The disadvantage of not-writing will eventually lead me to some blackout scenes in my life's timeline. How am I going to continue my legacy? My wisdom, my breakthrough?! (Self-delusional popularity) LOL!

So my long awaited trip came to realize yesterday. I only had 2hrs of sleep the day before travel, and had a hard time to wake up. Not to mention, we missed the 5.30am train to KLIA2. Thankfully we still make it. I have reminded myself again and again, "DON'T LAH BOOK EARLIEST FLIGHT IF CANNOT WAKE UP!" But everytime when there's promo then feel so kiasu to get the tickets, and book cheapest, earliest flight. Gosh... Anyway, all the trouble, nightmares of waking up early, are compensated when we arrived at Renaza Resort, welcomed by a view like this...

We were here in March 2015. And this marks our 1st Anniversary Trip. Feels good to be back! Nothing practically changed! The waters are serene and clear. The beach are infact, cleaner, free from city trashes that got swept here during the storm. Hmmmmm... How can it be so perfect? 

The Ibu who cooked, resigned and replaced with another Ibu. Miraculously, food is greaaat. EVERYBODY! If come to padang, make sure to eat the ikanbilis green sambal (green-coloured chilli + anchovies),and masak lemak (cook fat, LOL, God, how to translate this!). 

I sleep and wake really early. I bet if this goes on for a year, I'd be super healthy. Hahahaha oh yea... It rained almost everyday, but no dampness will affect our dive enthusiasm! 

Loving it so much!