Tuesday, October 20

AMPM Cafe, USJ - Brunch For Our Second Weddingsary!

So whatsuuup everybodeh! 
*munching on popcorn*
Lately our life as a normal Malaysian citizen became super interesting. From the Bersih version 1, 2, 3 and now 4.0 to the scandalicious 1MDB saga, to the murder of Kevin Morais, the freefalling of our Ringgit Malaysia (RM) value, and the hike of tol prices (oh yes baby, i'm not gonna let this issue walk scott free). Come on! This must be the best drama ever of the year! So much plot twists, the climax and anti-climaxes, the best actor, and actresses, not to forget the best supporting macais...Life has been incredibly amazing! 

On the unrelated note, it has been TWO years since I got married! Yeay~ Happy Anniversary to us!

Mr. & Mrs. Soon, 18 Oct 2015 - Somewhere in SetiaWalk
My sister told me there's an AWESOME place called AMPM Cafe, located right near Main Place, USJ. And so, trusting her opinion on food, we followed her suggestion and head right there!

Marmalatte- Orange Infused Coffee
Although, the signboard is quite hidden, it was surprising to see the place is quite full. It must be a popular spot for brunch, especially during weekends.

The Big Breakfast - consisting or garden salad, eggs, sauteed mushroom, baked beans, baked sweet potato and ham/beef bacon of your choice.
All my photos here are captured using iPhone 5 (too broke to buy an iPhone 6). These photos are unedited, and unfiltered, because I'm a lazy ass to give justice to the food being served here. Many often we were infuriated by the misleading, mouthwatering food photographs in advertisements, only to find it looking bad upon ordering, right? Well, rest assured my photos in AMPM  are real. LOL!

Salmon Egg Benedict

The food looks really good. It's like I'm being served with bouquet of fresh edible mini gardens!

Steak Benedict
Look at the contrasting, vibrant colours!

The breakfasts are all nicely served, and tasted quite good. My peanut butter coffee doesn't have the peanut butter taste which I was expecting. It was rather bland, and slightly bitter. I shall skip in reviewing the coffee, as I am no expert in this field. hehe..

Hyperactivitism after a hearty breakfast

Overall, this is a beautiful place for photography as well. I guess it has been a trend for cafes to look pretty! 

So, who wanna date me to AMPM cafe for brunch? 

Here's their facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/ampmcafeusj