Friday, January 23

Days That Passed, and Those Coming By

Can't believe actually how fast time evaporates away! A new year has come and i havent been blogging in a loooooong time. 

This year will be the Goat year? Seriously the Chinese have all sorts of labelling. Sometimes they call it Sheep or Ram year. I just don't geddit sometimes! I don't really anticipate CNY already. Perhaps, the truth hits me. As much as I hate going go Melaka to wash the dirty toilets, mop the dusty floors and sleep on cockroaches infested beds... I miss sitting at the livingroom, on the dirty sofa, with my Ah Kong.

This weekend, marks AhKong's 1 year deathsary...I haven't step my foot in that house for 1 year now. I wonder, if there's any changes to it. 

It's really nostalgic and saddening, to know what time can do to us. We were born, we grow, we live, and then we aged. Then you all know what's next. This is why, i vowed to be happy, to be kind and grateful to whatever i have achieved everyday. 

Talk to you later. Gotta go work now! 


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