Tuesday, December 2

Mid Age Crisis

Lol sorry for destroying your eyesight early in the morning. Well the reason why I put this up to remind myself that I've come to an age that cuteness has already extinct. 

Sigh.. Perhaps is this called Mid Age Crisis?

I was listening to RED.FM about what was the thing we did right after sitting the final SPM paper. I couldn't recall. I really, really couldn't recall. *sad*

Then i just realised that SPM was very, very long time ago. Gosh! I have aged..To think about SPM, it reminds me on how ambitious I am. I have decided to leave hometown right after SPM, and go to college. I chose my own path, thankfully, with supportive parents. 

Here I am now, approaching The Big Thirty. I have told myself my blog is about me and everything good in life. I have to keep writing about my thoughts, my memories, so that one day I can remember how I used to be.

Ok! Time to kickstart my day! See ya all! 


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