Monday, November 24

Strongbow Hits The Mark With Three New Refresing Variants

Have you ever tried Strongbow? 
The number one global cider brand?

I had my first taste of Strongbow during my recent getaway to Sarawak. It was love at first taste! Then when I come back, I received an invite for Strongbow launching of three crazy new flavours, I couldn't resist! I was really curious, the Strongbow Apple Ciders are already so pleasant, is there something more that they can offer?

So I head off to 31Square Studio, Damansara for the launching. Homaigod, the small, quant little studio is flooded with crowds of people. Well, this proves that I'm not their only fan. We were being shown videos and performances. However, I was too fat and short to see anything. Nonetheless, I'm getting more and more anxious to see what are the three new flavours! 

The veils unleashed, and Strongbow three new variants are revealed!

First in line, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey

What do you think? Can apple and honey be best friends?

Second in line, Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold. 
What do you think? Gold is Great?

Finally, the third variant, Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower. 
Dare to challenge the Elderflower's power?

I let the crowd take their choice of Strongbow, while I walked around, listening to the wonderful serenade of songs.

I wonder who is this music band. I think their performance is very nice! 

After warming up, I make my way to get my Strongbow. First choice, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey. I have always enjoyed a warm honey drink, especially during rainy days like this. 

Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey do have a distinctive taste. It differs from the original flavour! Surprisingly, honey and apple can be best of friends. This drink tastes a little sweeter than the original, with the aroma of honey. The taste blended really well. 

I slurp all down, and head on to my next target! 

No.. No~ I wasn't aiming on these pretty gals. hehee... 

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold! The moment I took my first sip, I know that this is my new love. The strong, bold taste. It offers a refined sweet and crisps apple bite that captures the light aftertaste of bittersweet apples. This is really tasty! 

I bumped into Kelvin, and he told me that his favourite is the Elderflower variant. The counter that serves this variant is located outdoor! 

It was raining heavily that night, and I had to braved the heavy downpour to get my hands on a cup of Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower.

The Elderflower variant has a subtle elderflower with lime that captures the sweet floral aroma. It is very light, and subtle. Suitable for anyone who prefer something more gentle.

 My good friend told me, she will begin her night with Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, and ends it with Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower. I couldn't agree more. Both of us, loved the Gold variant & Elderflower variant.

Seems like there's a formula of "perfect serve".
1. Fill a strongbow glass with approximately 1/3 of ice cubes;
2. Take a chilled bottle of Strongbow and pour over the ice;
3. Serve & Enjoy!

A photo with the emcee Julie Woon is a must!

Not to forget, Pretty Anne, my long lost blogger friend
With beautyblogger Janice and her sister
I love attending events, because I get to meet new people, and experience new things! Looking forward to my next event, and share more interesting stories of my life with you all XD

Craving for a Strongbow now, before I sleep. *yawns*
I always have fantastic sleep after a few rounds of beers!

For more information on Strongbow, please visit
Instagram: @strongbow_my


TianChad田七 said...

That's the famous YouTuber Elizabeth Tan singing for you yo~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad, really. No wonder, she's amazing!