Sunday, November 9

"Beat The Gush" with the New Kotex Soft & Smooth

Last Tuesday, I was invited for an event launch. I haven't been very active in this blogging world lately, that is why i felt very honored for every invites that i received. With such, i make some time after work to The Streets @ The Curve for the Kotex Malaysia New Product Launch.

I managed to persuade Zue, my colleague, to accompany me. I asked her "Hey Zue, do you use Kotex?" She said "ya". "Zue, wanna go Kotex Event with me?" hahaha.. wow, such a cliche invitation that I gave that evening. Well, we made it through before the evening jam kicks in. 

I am still in vague over the new product launch, which was going to be launched. Instead of the ordinary event, this event was filled with photography props - Glam Cam 360.  

and a large Kotex for us to pose with. Hahaha... the reason was there was an ongoing Instagram contest, best photo will win mystery prizes. So of course, while I'm early, I try to capture as many photos as I can.

Tadaaa.... Walked in and the hall is filled with a stage. hmm.. Beat The Gush, what is it yah?

Attending events is even more fun with a friend. Selfie is a must. hehehe...

While we were hanging out, we were given the photos being taken earlier..sweet!

Lovely ain't it?

The event began and a sketch was being presented to make us understand what "Beat The Gush" means. Sudden gushes, often happens during our menses. It is the awkward feeling that we experienced when sudden flow of blood being ejected out. Most often, the sanitary pads that we used, are not able to handle the gushes, hence, a leak happen.

Leak, is women's most dreaded thing to happen. I have this almost every month! *rolls eye* It is so often that I got immune to it. I try to change my sanitary pads everytime I feel the gush happens. #truestory. This is how messed up life can be during bad period days!

That evening, Kotex Malaysia invited two inspiring ladies, Ms. Abby Latiff, programme Director of WOMEN:girls, and celebrity Diana Danielle, to share their stories about "Beat The Gush". It was hilarious to learn that they are also ordinary women despite a more hectic and colourful life. Everyone experience the "leak" from sudden gushes at some point of their life.

Well, I believe that we have one less thing to worry about in future, no more "leaks", i hope. Kotex Malaysia has launched a new and improved Kotex Soft & Smooth. The all new Kotex Soft & Smooth has exceptional features that help protect against sudden gushes, overcoming the anxiety women feel during the unexpected and uncontrollable heavy flow.

It is made with:
  1. Rapid Absorb Core, which help to absorb sudden gushes immediately, and directly at the source for exceptional protection
  2. Micro-Dri Cover with more than 3,000 micro holes for fast and effective absorption.
  3. Infinity Lock System, with side barriers and deep channels, providing all round protection against leak.

With all these features packed in the ever-reliable Kotex Soft and Smooth, women have no reasons to feel insecure, uncomfortable and unhapy anymore! After the wonderful sharing session, we have some lucky draw. Most of us went home as the lucky winners! 

photos credit to Kotex Malaysia Facebook page

I was expecting to win one year supply of Kotex Soft & Smooth, which I'm very happy to accept. Instead, we received Coach bags! WOW!

photos credit to Kotex Malaysia Facebook page

Look at all the happy faces here! 

photos credit to Kotex Malaysia Facebook page

I felt thankful that our monthly women issues are being heard and thought about. New technology and innovation helps us in reducing our mess, and ensuring our daily life is not being affected. It's all about embracing womanhood with confidence. I'd rather go out and run about with things that I love to do, rather  than hiding at home, fearing the "leak" to happen.

photos credit to Kotex Malaysia Facebook page

I have to thank Kotex Malaysia, for not only inviting me for this special launch. I am happy to be reunited with my long lost room mate from college years (10yrs ago!!!!). I am also happy to meet Diana Danielle, my favourite Malaysian Celebrity!

Oh ya, feel free to visit Kotex Malaysia Facebook page: for more information. If I am not mistaken, they are giving away some samples for the All New Kotex Soft & Smooth. Go get your hands on them now!

There's also the 360 Glam Cam Project coming up. I did my spinning around in the 360 Glam Cam Kiosk that day, can't wait to see my funny face being published. Well, it's too late to regret, isn't it? hehe..

That's all for now. I'm ready for my next period!


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