Saturday, September 6

The Quest For McPork!

A journey to a thousand miles, begins with a single step...

A journey to find McPork, begins, by finding a McDonald's. 

It was our first night in Ho Chi Minh city, and we had a fulfilling dinner already. Suddenly, Tianchad says that he haven't seen any McDonald's in this city. So we google map, and the nearest McDonald's is 1.5 kilometers away. We were really lazy, but his next sentence broke our laziness, "donno MCD got serve pork burger or not?"

With our slippers we braved across the furious traffic condition. We walked through the drizzling rain. We got lost in the barbeque fumes of oysters, tiger prawns, giant clamps and we almost got pee pee by a baby while walking on the streets. 

And then we saw the shimmering glitter of hope with the neon signboard of the yellow "M"

There's so many different sets being offered. But all is pricier than in Malaysia because there's no McValue meal here. 

This is a freaking three story McDonald's! It's fully packed and we sat outside. 

The ambience was really good. Kids and families as well as other tourist were here as well. Then the McDonald's staff came out with colourful balloons and give away to those kids. 

Then the bun of happiness arrived. Priced at 85,000 Vietnamese Dong, this is the Double McPork Deluxe! I guess its available in every McD in the world except for Muslim countries.

The taste is so-so only, but it's not the taste that matters. It's the things we see during our journey here that cannot be valued. Hehe! 

Have you travelled far for something you desire most? 


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