Tuesday, September 2


Days passed and years flew by. My black, luscious hair slowly turned grey. My slim and sensuous figure slowly evolved to be fat and flabby. I cannot help, but thinking of what I had become, and what I had accomplished in life.

I feel blessed with everything I have now. I feel grateful for everything that I have achieved. I promise myself to be the happy and carefree me, forever humble! I will live on to bring happiness and do more good things to people out there.

I also wish to continue blogging, but since Astro On Demand is opened up, I have been tied up with dramas. kekekeke~ That is why my blogs are semi-dormant. 

Fluffy's death also makes me wonder. If a person die, our spirit may enter the realm of heaven or hell. But what about animal? I've done some reading about this, and I read somewhere that animals can be reincarnated as a new being or can achieved enlightenment too. I prayed for days that Fluffy has a special place being arranged for her. I know many people will feel me being silly, and superstitious. I felt a sense of guilt for not being able to care for her even longer. I now can relate to the feeling being a parent.

Well, its late now. I will process some photos and update my blog soon.

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