Wednesday, September 10

Mien Dong Thao: A Rainforest Cafe

Jojo brought us to a hidden gem in Ho Chi Minh, a coffee place called Mien Dong Thao. This place is located quite far from District 1, where we stayed. The taxi ride here is about 100k Vietnamese Dong (approximately because we stopped at midway for seafood dinner). 

The road to this place is very narrow, not to mention the havoc of the motorcyclists! Beyond the narrow road, lies a coffee shop that has a rainforest theme. I had a jaw-dropping the moment I stepped in. This cafe is so AMAZING! 

It is not an ordinary kopitiam, like the one we have in Malaysia. This cafe was filled with greens, a man made pond and beautiful landscaping for this three story cafe. 

In Vietnam the coffee drinking culture is amazing. There are so many specialty coffee shops here that there's no possible way to choose where to drink from. There's Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Highlands Coffee, and Nguyen Trung Coffee. There's many many more that I can't remember. 

We ordered the special Coffee with Baileys (57 000 Dong) and a Passion Chocolate cake (25 000 Dong) 

The coffee was so fragrant! It smells so good. The coffee is also very concentrated, impressively flavourful!

This is a very nice place to visit for coffee. I will definitely come back again.

Last but not least, thank you Jojo for this secret place! 

Location: 221A, Nguyen Trong Tuyen st., Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. 



Joshua Hideki said...

Very nice! Your pictures remind me of my trip in Saigon! :)

Amelia said...

Hi Nicole, that's a very impressive cafe. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend, regards.