Wednesday, September 10

Mien Dong Thao: A Rainforest Cafe

Jojo brought us to a hidden gem in Ho Chi Minh, a coffee place called Mien Dong Thao. This place is located quite far from District 1, where we stayed. The taxi ride here is about 100k Vietnamese Dong (approximately because we stopped at midway for seafood dinner). 

The road to this place is very narrow, not to mention the havoc of the motorcyclists! Beyond the narrow road, lies a coffee shop that has a rainforest theme. I had a jaw-dropping the moment I stepped in. This cafe is so AMAZING! 

It is not an ordinary kopitiam, like the one we have in Malaysia. This cafe was filled with greens, a man made pond and beautiful landscaping for this three story cafe. 

In Vietnam the coffee drinking culture is amazing. There are so many specialty coffee shops here that there's no possible way to choose where to drink from. There's Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Highlands Coffee, and Nguyen Trung Coffee. There's many many more that I can't remember. 

We ordered the special Coffee with Baileys (57 000 Dong) and a Passion Chocolate cake (25 000 Dong) 

The coffee was so fragrant! It smells so good. The coffee is also very concentrated, impressively flavourful!

This is a very nice place to visit for coffee. I will definitely come back again.

Last but not least, thank you Jojo for this secret place! 

Location: 221A, Nguyen Trong Tuyen st., Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. 


Monday, September 8

Saigon Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral

Ding dong Ding dong! *my imaginary church bells rang* I stood afar watching this magnificent building standing tall. This is the Saigon Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral, located at the center of Ho Chi Minh City's architecture attractions. The Notre Dame was construction in 1880s by the French who colonialised Vietnam. This explains the influence of such magnificent architecture and facade of the building. 

In front of the Cathedral is the statue of Mary. The delicate and intricate sculpture very well depict the kind nature of Mary. 

Undeniably, the Notre Dame Cathedral is one of Saigons biggest attraction. Tourists from all over the world came flocking to this place. It is also a famous place for wedding photography. 

Just right next to the Cathedral is the Saigon Central Post Office. This building is also quite impressive. It gives us the feeling of stepping back into the past. The nostalgic gateway into the ancient world. It is now still operating, and is also a souvenir hub. Any tourist interested to post a postcard back home, can do so here!

It's quite wet in Saigon during the rainy season, but the positive side of it is that the skies seems to be exceptionally beautiful and it's breezy during evenings.

Can't wait for more interesting Saigon stories to share!


Sunday, September 7

Fanny Ice Cream Ho Chi Minh

Pretty woman walking down the street,
Pretty woman saw many icecream,
Oh pretty woman...

Trololol sorry am in good mood today. So am gonna share with you all a unique icecream shop in Ho Chi Minh City called, jeng jeng jeng.... Fanny Ice Cream ! It boasts 100% Natural Ice Cream, so without hesitation, we ordered..

Chocolate Fondue- which consist of 14 miniscoops of your chosen flavours! We were really mischievious! We ordered a variety of wacky flavours such as:-
Chocolate Chili
Salty Caramel
Rum & Raisin
Young Rice
Vanila Macadamia
Mint Chocolate

It comes with a hot dark chocolate for dipping and a few pieces of crispy waffles and fruits like watermelon, strawberry and apple slices. Overall i would rate this icecream experience as eye opening due to the unique flavours served, especially the chocholate chilli.

The bill came up to 260,000 Vietnamese Dong. *smiles* 

I will come again if I pass by this place! A lovely place with lovely icecreams! 

Location: 29-31, Ton That Thiep St., District 1, HCMC


Saturday, September 6

The Quest For McPork!

A journey to a thousand miles, begins with a single step...

A journey to find McPork, begins, by finding a McDonald's. 

It was our first night in Ho Chi Minh city, and we had a fulfilling dinner already. Suddenly, Tianchad says that he haven't seen any McDonald's in this city. So we google map, and the nearest McDonald's is 1.5 kilometers away. We were really lazy, but his next sentence broke our laziness, "donno MCD got serve pork burger or not?"

With our slippers we braved across the furious traffic condition. We walked through the drizzling rain. We got lost in the barbeque fumes of oysters, tiger prawns, giant clamps and we almost got pee pee by a baby while walking on the streets. 

And then we saw the shimmering glitter of hope with the neon signboard of the yellow "M"

There's so many different sets being offered. But all is pricier than in Malaysia because there's no McValue meal here. 

This is a freaking three story McDonald's! It's fully packed and we sat outside. 

The ambience was really good. Kids and families as well as other tourist were here as well. Then the McDonald's staff came out with colourful balloons and give away to those kids. 

Then the bun of happiness arrived. Priced at 85,000 Vietnamese Dong, this is the Double McPork Deluxe! I guess its available in every McD in the world except for Muslim countries.

The taste is so-so only, but it's not the taste that matters. It's the things we see during our journey here that cannot be valued. Hehe! 

Have you travelled far for something you desire most? 


Tuesday, September 2


Days passed and years flew by. My black, luscious hair slowly turned grey. My slim and sensuous figure slowly evolved to be fat and flabby. I cannot help, but thinking of what I had become, and what I had accomplished in life.

I feel blessed with everything I have now. I feel grateful for everything that I have achieved. I promise myself to be the happy and carefree me, forever humble! I will live on to bring happiness and do more good things to people out there.

I also wish to continue blogging, but since Astro On Demand is opened up, I have been tied up with dramas. kekekeke~ That is why my blogs are semi-dormant. 

Fluffy's death also makes me wonder. If a person die, our spirit may enter the realm of heaven or hell. But what about animal? I've done some reading about this, and I read somewhere that animals can be reincarnated as a new being or can achieved enlightenment too. I prayed for days that Fluffy has a special place being arranged for her. I know many people will feel me being silly, and superstitious. I felt a sense of guilt for not being able to care for her even longer. I now can relate to the feeling being a parent.

Well, its late now. I will process some photos and update my blog soon.