Thursday, July 10

Cilaka Cicak!

One fine night (Last night), I felt bored and wanted to get drunk. 
So, I head to the kitchen, and opened my kitchen cabinet...

I grab a bottle of Black Label from the hidden liquour storage area place we use to keep our liquor. With a blank mind, I closed the cabinet door again.

I felt a warm sensation, something ribbon-like on the back of my hands. I place the Black Label on the kitchen counter, and flung my hands, without looking...

I was in drunk-like mode even before I started drinking! The warm sensation still lingers on the back of my hand. "Whats that?" I asked myself.

While my brains are telling me it must be some liquor sticker, sticking on the back of my hands, my optic disc in my eyeballs detected that bloody organism and converted the electro-chemical impulses.

The Cicak clung on the back of my hand, still.. and my whole body jolted as though I was cursed by "Avada Kedavra". I gave a sharp shrieked and "break-danced" to the living room. The last thing I knew, I flung my hand as I jolted, and the cicak was thrown up and dropped on the ground...

I ran away too fast, unable to see where did it go!


Now everytime I open the kitchen cabinet, I could feel the phobia, and fear crippling my mind, body and soul. I knew it was there, lurking, watching my every move!


It's not once, it's not twice.... IT'S ALWAYS THERE!

Recommend me a psychiatrist, I think I'm suffering from PTSD now.

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