Monday, June 9

Malaysian International Dive Expo 2014

Kids being introduced to diving experience in a pool in front of PWTC

Yesterday was the last day of the annually-held Malaysian International Dive Expo 2014. It has held over 3 days and as a newly-crowned diver (self described) me and my 7 diving friends went to PWTC to pay our visit to our sifu ABen (Benjamin Choong) who was tending his booth there. 

The guys were uber excited, and ended up spending RM1000+ on dive suits. Can't blame them at all, each suit was priced at RM200-300, depending on size and brands. I personally would recommend them to buy too because they always shiver in the water. For me, tak payahlah (no need), I have a thick layer of 'lapisan kedap haba' (fats).

After that, I spotted Turtle Bay Divers. Those who added me in Facebook would know about my rantings about certain chalets in Pulau Perhentian. I am bringing my family for a weekend getaway to Perhentian Islands, but the local chalets didn't even bother to reply my enquiries. Only 3 replied me, Bubbles Dive, Watercolours, and Turtle Bay Divers. 

My pick: Turtle Bay Divers. Why? Well Ange, my good friend, said she signed up with Mel from Turtle Bay Divers at an affordable price. Even Shereena signed up with Mel too! So far, correspondence with Mel has been smooth, and I can't wait to go to the island to play now. 

For people who is looking for diving or non-diving trips to Perhentian Besar, you can look for Mel ( She assures me that my booking will be in good hands. Well, I was very sceptical at first because my brother was conned during his budget trip to Redang Island (the promised budget accommodation was not booked by the agent, and ended up became a luxury trip). 

My main concern was my parents happiness and convenience. I don't want my parents to be in Perhentian and got traumatised when there's no place to stay (it's still school holidays yo!). These kind of places should be packed with tourists! So well, I'll be flying on Friday. Will blog again my dive experience there when I come back! 

I had also RSVP a dive trip to Padang (2015). There's approximately a gang of 12 people LOL! It's a big group! 

Can't wait!!!

MIDE 2014 in my opinion, was less packed that last year's. Cheap dive equipments? I don't know about this but honestly, everything that has to do with dive doesn't come cheap. I guess I have to start saving every penny that I make so that I can go under the sea more often! 


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