Tuesday, June 3

Dress To Impress!

"Look for the woman in the dress. 
If there is no woman, there is no dress."
                                            - Coco Chanel

Girls, do you want to catch the attention of strangers (in a good way)?

Cultivate a striking presence when you walk into a room or in any special occasion what you need is to set yourself apart from the crowd?

What we wear is superbly important! We are what we dressed. So, choosing the right attire is very important, as what you wear depicts who you are. 

One of my favourite celebrities that will never go wrong in fashion is Emma Watson. Long haired or short, the way she dresses herself makes her incredibly flawless! Emma can don a pants-suit, or a sexy long dress equally beautiful. She's truly an inspiration!

Besides Emma Watson, I find Taylor Swift's style of dressing herself is truly captivating as well. Taylor Swift can just put on any dress, may it be casual, formal, classy and even those trashy dresses looks good on Taylor. How does she do that? It's the way she styles herself, and the way she strut the red carpet! 

Having a body like Taylor Swift is something I'd die for! *looks at my fatty tummy*

Some of you might have no idea to do so but it actually can be easily done by creating your own style of dress. When it comes to dressing it is crucial to get something that reflects your personality and taste as well.

Creating your own style can be fun and a lot easier than you thought it would be. Most importantly, choose the right dress! The cut, designs and colours should be the elements that you have to take into consideration. For me, I have a wide hips, and even a protruding belly *ahem fats*, hence, I do not choose skin tight dresses. It feels very uncomfortable, and makes me all wrapped up like a "dumpling". 

For inspirations and ideas, I usually look from Zalora. I receive loads of emails from Zalora whenever they have new items. Hehe, taking a peek would mean no harm...

Their website is: www.zalora.com.my. It will be quite a miracle if you haven't heard of this online fashion shopping portal. They expanded so much, and to be honest, I had done a couple of times purchasing some dresses from the website. The delivery was prompt. And most importantly, the items delivered were as what I've ordered. Phew~ You know sometimes, online purchase will always leave you disappointed. I had a couple of disappointments purchasing online, but thankfully, my experience with Zalora ends on a happy note.

I have been peeking at Zalora quite often recently, because I had so many wedding dinners to attend, and of course I need to look pretty and awesome! Wedding dinners are the place where we meet our long lost, old friends and of course it's our time to outshine each other. LOL..hey I'm just being honest here!

But then I saw that Zalora has launches some Hari Raya themed dresses. Gosh, I love Hari Raya. Ketupat, rendangs, satay, masak merah and asam pedas..Fuh gempak!

Let's begin our shopping spreeeeee~~~


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