Wednesday, May 14

Happy Birthday To ....


Here's a giant cake for myself. It's my 28th Birthday today. How fast time has changed. The celebration has downsized over the years, I am not complaining, though. I still feel loved, and blessed to be alive. 

Thanks everyone for all the wishes. I had forgotten about my birthday and woke up abruptly, by a weird dream about my rabbits. In my dream, there's an old sickly rabbit who occupied a carrier. Then, one day the old rabbit went missing. I wanted to search for it, but i saw Fluffy has given birth to 9 babies. So I told myself to put those kittens into the carrier and abandon the missing old rabbit. Then I woke up feeling shock for my capableness to commit such cruelty. Anyway, it was just a dream, and knowing that Fluffy has been spayed and unable to bear children, seeing 9 baby rabbits that Fluffy has was like a dream come true after all. 

I'm at office right now, and later gonna go buy some stuff for work. So, have a nice day everyone! 


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