Thursday, May 15

First Attempt: Escape Room, Setia Walk

Ah Boy have been talking about his experience in some abbatoir theme game in Escape Room at e@Curve. We were really fascinated by the mysteriousness of this game and one spontaneous night, I booked a slot, with 5 stars difficulty- The Secret Lab!

The story revolves around a crazy cuckoo scientist who locked us in his tiny house. We were there as reporters, it seems. As a renown scientist, his livingroom consisted of weird choice of furnitures LOL! So our mission was to escape from the hidden room, which was filled with a toxic gas released from the ceiling! 45 minutes to get out of the scientist's house, or we shall all perish and ended up being subject of his research! 

The first room (living room) was brightly lit, while the 2nd room was pitch dark! Dark was one thing, and the audio is filled with sounds of a crying woman. I am so thrilled to be here! 

3rd room, there's a corpse on a bed. But it was all plasticky so ain't that frightening. The most exciting part was the 3rd room. There's so many unpredictable elements!

The whole experience was so fun. Priced at RM36/pax, I find it slightly expensive for a 45 mins thrill. It has to be a luxury form of entertainment for a normal-waged person like me! 

Anyway, it's my first time, and i like it =) 

SUCCESS!!!!  Thank u Scientist William (the guy in charge of our game) and his team of colleagues for making my first experience a very fun and funny one! 

P/s: there's a birthday promo (if not mistaken) where birthday boy and girl play for free! It was my birthday and i didnt know about this. Sad...

You can head to Escape Rooms official website to see available games and bookings: here:

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