Friday, April 4

Sunflowers Short Film by Quek Shio Chuan

In conjunction with QingMing (Chinese custom of worshipping ancestors' ritual), a short film based on death is being produced by Reservoir Production and directed by none other than the ever talented Mr. Quek Shio Chuan, and produced by a good friend of mine Ms. Cheong Wai Leng. - Sunflowers Short Film

But hey, as will always and ever be truthful. I'm not promoting this movie to boot-lick my friend here. I was invited as media for the premier screening of Sunflowers. Prior to this screening, I haven't had the time to read through or see what's it is all about. I'm glad I didn't. I was as black as a paper when Sunflowers is a short film about death.

QingMing + Death = Horror movie?
Hell, NO.

How is that so?
 It's a story about an aspiring and ambitious make up artist, Ping, who hopes to be famous amongst the circle of the entertainment industry. However, thing's does not go well and she ran out of jobs. Being desperate and naive, she finally lands a job, in a mortuary!

Well, everything will be explained and can be explained tomorrow today, after 2pm. Check out their Sunflowers FACEBOOK page as they are going to officially release the short film to the public.

Yes, you got me right! It's free to view. Where else you can get good stuff , FREE most importantly? 


Date: 4.4.14
Time: 1414
Where? Hell  Sunflowers Facebook // Youtube.

Do watch how the story unfolds..

Death is no longer a TABOO

Signing out XOXO,


QingBin said...

it's still sounds creepy...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Haha it's not scary la. very heart wrenching nia =X