Tuesday, April 15

Mabul Island, Semporna: Learning To Dive (Day 3)

This is the continuation of my Mabul Island Trip blog post, if you have missed the previous ones which I have written, here are the links:-

Let's begin with Day 3! I woke up super early again here. and managed to catch the clear blue skies. The sea gypsy (orang Bajau Laut) are all awake and you can see fishermen boats, tourist boats, and also kids boats busy rowing across our lodge.

The kids could row boat faster than I ride a bicycle

This will be our second diving day, (we missed our 1st day dive due to iLoo) and unfortunately my sister was not feeling really well. She was unable to equalize during her dive on her previous day, and hence, she had pressurized ears (telinga tersumbat), dizziness, nausea etc. So beginners, do not let panic conquer you and keep calm because if you panic, you tend to not breathe and you can't sink (air inside the lungs). Forcing yourself to descent will cause some equalization issue. Well sisters case was minor so shemissed out two trips, and continue her dive lessons on our final day.

Kid beggars was aplenty in this island. A VERY IMPORTANT RULE IS DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. The civilization of the locals here are less advance than what we have in peninsular Malaysia. They will continue to extort money from the tourist, if it becomes a habit that tourist gives them money. This will eventually destroy the serenity and the simplicity of this place. However, if you would like to help these people survive, buy their catch of the day. They will be very happy to supply you with fresh squids, fish, and crabs. Lobsters are available too! However, remember to get help haggling, because I've been there and seen with my bare eyes that the local fishermen attempts to charge RM80 for a 2 fishes. (Daylight robbery!!!) So, be wise. 

So, this very day, I had my dives at Paradise 1 (again), and then we went to Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART) House Reef. I really like it there. It was so fantabulous. Visibility was great, although the skies were slightly dark (it was raining somewhere else). I felt thermocline as well, that certain depths I felt shivery cold and after that it became quite warm. Underneath, the view was so amazing. The artificial reefs were home to hundreds or even thousands of sea denizen. I really felt like I am a part of them too!

Can't remember where was this..but yeah, that's me!
Back to the lodge, the view of the low tide was as fascinating as heaven! The water level subside so low, that we can see so many stuff coming out of the rocks. 

Even the anemone's tip can be seen from the surface! You can see the local kids were walking towards the ocean to dig for sea urchin and stuff like that. I am so afraid, thinking of the dangerous sea urchins. Those kids were really born to survive the nature!

Sunsets are amazing as well. One moment, the sunlight will burst and be reflected onto the surface of the sea, creating a beautiful silky image.

While sometimes, the sky will turn to the hue of dark blue, pinky, orangy and thats the moment you feel so romantic that you wish your lover will bring you a glass of wine or mojito with some finger food. HAHAHA... It didn't happen for me. Too many people around here to enjoy the romanticity of the sunset. *embarrassed*

Lovely ain't it?

I shall stop here. MORE photos will be posted as the finale of my trip. And also a video, made by one of the Instructors that accompany us during our last dive, Yang Berhormat Cikgu Azhar. Wanna have a peek at Cikgu Azhar's videos of us? You have to stay tune for tomorrow's blog post then XD

Goodnight and See ya!

Love Love Love

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