Wednesday, April 30

Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park, SetiaWalk Puchong

Just 10mins from home, but I have not been to this Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park until tonight. During its launch, I thought it was a mere "street fair" which was held in Setia Walk. Hence, it was a slight surprise for me to see such a big scale of Shanghai street located inside Setia Walk Mall.

Themed of the old Shanghai, the golden glorious age of Shanghai, this place was beautifully done (in my opinion). I have never been to 1930s-1950s Shanghai, but I can feel the ambiance, and the settings of this Grand Shanghai Theme Park was really befitting that era. Posters like this, were placed everywhere. It was really unique.

Boasting as a food theme park, expect nothing less than unique restaurants and food stalls. Stalls were brightly lit like this cafe, or some were made of planks with waiters and waitresses wearing uniforms that depict the olden Chinese Shanghainese. 

I would definitely love to dine here. What an experience it will be!

Ancient cars were also placed along the streets of this Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park. It was so reallll~~~

Bicycles and Trishaws are the featured decorations too! Very creative yo!

The exciting part of all this is, there is a qipao costume rental shop here. Tourists and visitors can rent the traditional costumes, and walk around this beautiful street for photography. 

I find it very unique, and would love to bring my parents here. They would be fascinated at how things can be created in just a floor of a shopping mall. 

The whole concept of a themed food court is very refreshing by Malaysian standard. We have something similar like this in Pahlawan Shopping Center, Melaka, which was based on local Malaysian Kampung Theme. However, the response in Setia Walk was very much different than what I had experienced in Melaka. The Shanghai Street Theme was overwhelming with people!

I haven't tried any of the restaurants here. Any recommendations?


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