Tuesday, April 8

I'm A Sloth

I don't have a photo of a sloth so I put up a raccoon instead!

Life is interesting! EVERYDAY!

How often do you see cicaks (lizards) crawling out of your office phone?

How often do you wake up on a Sunday morning and found that something is dead in the living room, filling it with some corpse-like stench, and then you dig and search and found a crunchy cicak near the main entrance?

How often do you be home alone in the house and you heard someone sniffing twice but to find that THERE'S NO OTHER PERSONS BESIDES YOURSELF?

How often that a pimple grows below your nose and above your lips that it's so painful even before it blooms?

With so many extraordinary things that happens to me, I doubt that I will run out of ideas to blog about! *flips hair* But the true dilemma was to sit down and type what that has been going on my minds as compared to just typing out via mobile phone. I am currently in love with #Dayre. Yes, please follow me or add me at @msxeroz. [Warning: My Dayre will be filled with Vulgarities and Bitching. So if you have a faint heart, PLEASE stay away from my Dayre. kthxbai].

Anyway, just in case you think my blog has died, here's a line up of topics which I have planned through the month of April 2014:-

1. Upcoming blogpost: Product Review and Blog Giveaway - Kose Lotion Mask!
2. Mabul Island: Learning to Dive with Benjamin Choong @ Spheredivers Lodge (videos to be shared)
3. A day in Farm In The City, Sri Kembangan. 
4. Honeymoon Romance in Bali

So, stay tuned!!!

MsXeRoZ is BACK!


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