Thursday, April 24

Brick Mansions: Dynamite Combo of David Belle and Paul Walker

A very good morning every one! Gosh, it's 12.10am and I had just took my bath, after returning home from a movie date with Nuffnang. So, I am waiting for my hair to dry, that's why I turned on my laptop and start typing. This will be a review written in memory of my beloved idol, Paul Walker.

Brick Mansions is a remake (American version) of District 13. Brick Mansions is an area surrounded by brick walls as it was deemed a very dangerous neighbourhood. The residents of Brick Mansions majority consisted of thugs, robbers, addicts and all those nasty neighbours you can think of. The story begins with Lino (David Belle), one of our Hero, who is waging a one man war against the kingpin of the local drug syndicate, Tremaine Alexander (RZA). Then comes along, Damien Collier (Paul Walker), a mole/policeman/sheriff who upheld his duty as a law enforcer in anti narcotics department. It was revealed that Damien has a deep grudge on Tremaine, over his father's death. 

Brick Mansions is filled with action packed parkour stunts, by David Belle (one of the parkour founder). The swiftness, agility, and strength was really fascinating. To add to bonus, Paul Walker comes into the movie as a strong, athletic, capable police officer. There's so much of action that it feels like viewers are exploding from the actions itself. There's guns, bombs, rockets,  fighting, vertigo inducing jumping scenes.

The plot was somewhat familiar, because it is a remake of District 13 movie. The overdose of fighting scenes of cops versus the villains do remind me very much of Jackie Chan's Police Story. The core is the same - a very responsible and dedicated policeman versus the bad, corrupt and nasty organizations.

Overall, it is a satisfying movie to watch. Brick Mansions was Paul Walkers final COMPLETED movie before his death in November 2013. It saddens me to see his final piece of action - to see him looking suave in coat, with brown eyes and dark hair, then remove his contact lenses and bathe, and emerge as the Golden-boy Paul Walker that we have always knew him. There's a lot of Paul Walker's goodness in this movie. You get to see him as one of the bad guys, a super incredible cop, and then a fighter! 

I miss you Paul Walker! I can't wait for Fast and Furious 7 to complete. *sobs*


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