Wednesday, April 30

Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park, SetiaWalk Puchong

Just 10mins from home, but I have not been to this Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park until tonight. During its launch, I thought it was a mere "street fair" which was held in Setia Walk. Hence, it was a slight surprise for me to see such a big scale of Shanghai street located inside Setia Walk Mall.

Themed of the old Shanghai, the golden glorious age of Shanghai, this place was beautifully done (in my opinion). I have never been to 1930s-1950s Shanghai, but I can feel the ambiance, and the settings of this Grand Shanghai Theme Park was really befitting that era. Posters like this, were placed everywhere. It was really unique.

Boasting as a food theme park, expect nothing less than unique restaurants and food stalls. Stalls were brightly lit like this cafe, or some were made of planks with waiters and waitresses wearing uniforms that depict the olden Chinese Shanghainese. 

I would definitely love to dine here. What an experience it will be!

Ancient cars were also placed along the streets of this Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park. It was so reallll~~~

Bicycles and Trishaws are the featured decorations too! Very creative yo!

The exciting part of all this is, there is a qipao costume rental shop here. Tourists and visitors can rent the traditional costumes, and walk around this beautiful street for photography. 

I find it very unique, and would love to bring my parents here. They would be fascinated at how things can be created in just a floor of a shopping mall. 

The whole concept of a themed food court is very refreshing by Malaysian standard. We have something similar like this in Pahlawan Shopping Center, Melaka, which was based on local Malaysian Kampung Theme. However, the response in Setia Walk was very much different than what I had experienced in Melaka. The Shanghai Street Theme was overwhelming with people!

I haven't tried any of the restaurants here. Any recommendations?


Baking My First Chocolate Cake

I didn't want to blog about this due to embarrassment. But I realised that it has been some time since I stopped writing about my kitchen adventure. During my "younger" years, I did try to post the dishes I cook, as I learn them. Check out my Ugly Cooking Episodes here *Flashback to year 2010*. 

LOL (Damn embarrassing). Ahhh.. looking back at my old blog post, I realised that I have learnt and progressed so much in the kitchen department. I am regularly cooking now, and my food, have garnered quite a number of audience *self-delusion fantasy*

Besides being seriously talkative and friendly, I have never possessed any talents. Cooking and baking is definitely not what I am born to do. My mom gave me an old electrical round, oven. Initially, I used the oven to roast some Chicken (note: never managed to get a nice-looking roasted chicken, but tastewise is OK). Then I thought I'd try to do some baking.

My previous history of baking was using a premix + rice cooker. I read somewhere over the internet that rice cooker can be used to bake cakes. THE RESULT: BURNT CAKE, and smelly house (because I can't differentiate whether the cake is done or burnt LOL..moral of the story, don't bake chocolate cake if you are a noob). The second attempt, I try to make a butter sponge cake, but the recipe is too buttery...YUCKS!

So, I told myself. No more premix! Mix my own ingredients and start from scratch!

Recipe: Simple Chocolate Cake (source: Delicious Magazine UK)


** For Cake** 
225g butter
180g castor sugar (I reduced the sugar)
4 eggs
100g self-raising flour
1 tbsp baking powder
2 tbsp cocoa powder
a little bit of milk

** For Icing** (I followed the recipe straightly and too much chocolate icing is produced. The icing is also too sweet so I suggest to taste the icing from time to time)
100g butter
100g dark chocolate
80g icing sugar

Before you start with Step 1, PREHEAT , and grease the oven at 180 deg C.

Step 1: Butter + Castor Sugar = beat till fluffy

Step 2: Add eggs 1 by 1

Step 3: Sift the flour + cocoa powder + baking powder add inside the mixture

Step 4: add a little of milk to get a consistent drop.

Step 5: pour the mixture into the baking pan (with baking paper), which had been greased previously. Bake for 20-30 minutes.

While waiting for the cake to bake, you can melt the dark chocolate + butter + icing sugar. Beat it using the mixture until it is fluffy.

Ta daaaa!!! HAHAHA.... Seriously I'm so embarrassed to post this that I am gonna dig a hole and bury my head in. This must been the ugliest chocolate cake you've ever seen!

But, don't underestimate my chocolate cake. It has been a best seller in my house. I baked two times of the same recipe (due to the leftover chocolate icing).

For a cost price of RM20, I think it's a cake worth baking. It's really suitable for a home tea session, or gatherings. I guess, I will continue to bake more in the future for fun...

My next project, I'm going to try roasting Chinese Roast Pork aka the famous "Siu Yuk" this weekend. Well, I'll update you how it goes ^^


Thursday, April 24

Brick Mansions: Dynamite Combo of David Belle and Paul Walker

A very good morning every one! Gosh, it's 12.10am and I had just took my bath, after returning home from a movie date with Nuffnang. So, I am waiting for my hair to dry, that's why I turned on my laptop and start typing. This will be a review written in memory of my beloved idol, Paul Walker.

Brick Mansions is a remake (American version) of District 13. Brick Mansions is an area surrounded by brick walls as it was deemed a very dangerous neighbourhood. The residents of Brick Mansions majority consisted of thugs, robbers, addicts and all those nasty neighbours you can think of. The story begins with Lino (David Belle), one of our Hero, who is waging a one man war against the kingpin of the local drug syndicate, Tremaine Alexander (RZA). Then comes along, Damien Collier (Paul Walker), a mole/policeman/sheriff who upheld his duty as a law enforcer in anti narcotics department. It was revealed that Damien has a deep grudge on Tremaine, over his father's death. 

Brick Mansions is filled with action packed parkour stunts, by David Belle (one of the parkour founder). The swiftness, agility, and strength was really fascinating. To add to bonus, Paul Walker comes into the movie as a strong, athletic, capable police officer. There's so much of action that it feels like viewers are exploding from the actions itself. There's guns, bombs, rockets,  fighting, vertigo inducing jumping scenes.

The plot was somewhat familiar, because it is a remake of District 13 movie. The overdose of fighting scenes of cops versus the villains do remind me very much of Jackie Chan's Police Story. The core is the same - a very responsible and dedicated policeman versus the bad, corrupt and nasty organizations.

Overall, it is a satisfying movie to watch. Brick Mansions was Paul Walkers final COMPLETED movie before his death in November 2013. It saddens me to see his final piece of action - to see him looking suave in coat, with brown eyes and dark hair, then remove his contact lenses and bathe, and emerge as the Golden-boy Paul Walker that we have always knew him. There's a lot of Paul Walker's goodness in this movie. You get to see him as one of the bad guys, a super incredible cop, and then a fighter! 

I miss you Paul Walker! I can't wait for Fast and Furious 7 to complete. *sobs*


Tuesday, April 22

Mabul Island, Semporna: First Time Exploring The Underwater World (Day 4)


Sorry for my delay in updating this blog. Things got so busy because I've been baking lately. I am still contemplate whether to reveal my "cake" here. Well.. Ok just in case you have missed out my previous blog posts on Mabul Island, here are the links!

After undergoing multiple training sessions with our instructor, we began to truly enjoy and look forward to every trip we have underwater. Setting up the heavy gears did not become a chore, but instead, we all looked forward to hear our instructor, Benjamin's roaring voice "Students, GEAR UP". As I'm typing this, I swore I had missed him and his voice. *teary eyed* Gosh...Come to think of it, "Teacher's Day" is coming in May. Ah.. Maybe I should get a Teacher's Day gift and post to him? LOL

Benjamin told us to learn and practice the skills he taught us. If we manage to keep our composure, and do the right thing, he will reward us with some photos of us. Then on our 4th day of dive, he nonchalantly took out his camera! YAY!! I guess we must have been a bunch of outstanding students that we earned a photography session with Benjamin. For your information, one of Ben's many talents was underwater observation and photography. He can spot many weird sea creatures, such as kecik-mayong (very tiny) sea horse and sea lice (direct translation of kutu laut). To have our photos captured by him was an honor.
( p/s anyone who knows what kutu laut is called in English please drop me a comment HAHA..)

Roaring to go...underwater!
So, basically, after few days of dive, how do I feel?

I was very enthusiastic. There was two moments which I still could feel the "adrenalin rush" until today. The moment we put our fins on, right hand hold the inflator, and left hand holding my mask and regulator. Count 1, 2, 3 roll back from the boat! 

When I'm all in the water, my second most "panicky" moment was when we descend, and when the water level was between surface and water. From the surface, you will see as though it was really shallow, everything is OK. But once your head is underwater, it seems so blue, so deep, so eerie. But keep calm and my body adapted to this whole new world that I have never experienced before.

It's me!
 Initially, school of fishes frightened me. I was afraid that maybe come of these organisms may attack me. But I know I can wipe those silly thoughts away, when I see those fish, octopus, squids and divers were happily roaming around. The water visibility was so clear, I felt secure. The thing that I should be afraid of is to NOT damage any of this natural treasures.

Bro Alex 
 I've seriously never seen turtles (in the sea) before coming to Mabul Island. During my first dive here in Day 2. I remember vividly that there was THREE CRAZILY HUMONGOUS TURTLES lying around an artificial shipwreck. Benjamin wanted me to hold onto the ship and look at the turtles, but I gostan because the turtles were so big that I worry if it farted on me, I would WHOoooooooooooshhhhh back to the surface!  I was scared. But he pulls my hand and for one whole minute, me and one of the Giant Turtles there had eye-to-eye contact! The turtles were very gentle, and polite. Some kind of stupidity got the better of me, and I opened my mouth (which was supposed to be occupied by my regulator) and said  "HELLO TURTLES" 

That was the most stupidest thing I've ever done. I really did that gesture and tone without thinking as though I'm talking to Fluffy, my rabbit. Then the sea water oozes in my mouth and I nearly choked. My whole mouth cavity is salty now. Well, then I realised that, my throat isn't that dry anymore after that incident! Breathing on regulator will make our throats dry and sometimes we will cough underwater. Ben did tell us to sip some water in to stop our throats from being dry. So, this is how it helps!

TianChad and his newfound pet Mr. Squishy
 Turtles were everywhere. Just before this photo was taken, we spot an eel with it's head sticking out from the sea bed and its mouth wide open. I swore that I saw that eel has teeth! Ewww.. I was really intimidated, because its head was so thick and large, and god, I wouldn't want to know how long its body is!

Mr Squishy and its new found pet, TianChad

Oh boy, there's so many TianChad photos here. This must be a record breaking attempt to capture NON-SELFIE photos of Tianchad. hahahaha... TianChad must be some reincarnation of a sea monster or something because he glides and rolls, and swims like he's home. I'm glad he left his camera on land for once, because otherwise he would have selfie with Nemo, Dory, Squishy or SharkbaitHooHaaHaa...

TianChad the Captain Merman
 So this is Wern, my sister. I don't know whats wrong with her, but perhaps she has a lot of fart inside her intestines that she couldn't sink during our initial dive trip. Not to underestimate her, she swims like a polite woman. She's the real epitome of a person who conquers her fears of water. She is really afraid of water. Like SERIOUSLY! The only time I see she enjoys water is during her daily bathing sessions, other than that, water is her nemesis.

Wern, the polite diver

During her Day 4 of diving in Mabul, she triumphed against her fears. Now's she's all addicted to diving and cant wait for the next trip!

Wern, main cast of "Triumph In The Sea" drama. LOL
So overall, It was a fantastic experience that money can't buy. In our daily routine of life, some thoughts come and go, I blabber whatever that comes to my mind. In the water, with the regulator stuck in my mouth, I became more aware of what's on my mind. Every little thing I see, and something will come into mind. Every moment is preserved in me in that way.

So, as I promised. Here's a video of our trip, specially recorded by Cikgu Azhar. To be honest, everybody that I met in Spheredivers Lodge seems to be really talented. Azhar Adnan seems to be a serious person, someone not to be messed with. But at the end of the day, all hell broke loose and he was a really funny dude! His photos were all so amazing, you can check out his Facebook here.

OK..this shall practically end my dive experience, storytelling session. I do have more photos of Mabul to share here. So till then. *Waving Goodnight To Everyone*


Thursday, April 17

In Remembrance of Yang Berhormat Karpal Singh (1940-2014)

It's a sad day where I woke up and found that The Tiger of Jelutong, the one known famously for his bravery and wisdom, had passed away in a car accident. Yang Berhormat Karpal Singh was one of Malaysia's most prominent politician and lawyer. Although that he was against the government, his efforts and years of hard work, fighting to upheld the Democracy that he believed in was respected by me and many others. 

I pray for him and his family during this traumatic period. May God bless Yang Berhormat, and do Rest In Peace. 

Thank you for everything that you had done, to help the minority in the country. 

Wednesday, April 16

I Wanna Win A Getaway with Seeties!

I'm so numb from my daily routine. I need a holiday~!!!

Come support me. Add me at Seeties (ID:@msxeroz)! You can win yourself a holiday too!

There are 10 getaways available to be won. I do hope I get to go to Berembun House, The Dusun  or The Happy 8 Retreat, Ipoh. Oh ya! Cameron Highlands sounds fine too!! Wish me luck ya!

Tuesday, April 15

Mabul Island, Semporna: Learning To Dive (Day 3)

This is the continuation of my Mabul Island Trip blog post, if you have missed the previous ones which I have written, here are the links:-

Let's begin with Day 3! I woke up super early again here. and managed to catch the clear blue skies. The sea gypsy (orang Bajau Laut) are all awake and you can see fishermen boats, tourist boats, and also kids boats busy rowing across our lodge.

The kids could row boat faster than I ride a bicycle

This will be our second diving day, (we missed our 1st day dive due to iLoo) and unfortunately my sister was not feeling really well. She was unable to equalize during her dive on her previous day, and hence, she had pressurized ears (telinga tersumbat), dizziness, nausea etc. So beginners, do not let panic conquer you and keep calm because if you panic, you tend to not breathe and you can't sink (air inside the lungs). Forcing yourself to descent will cause some equalization issue. Well sisters case was minor so shemissed out two trips, and continue her dive lessons on our final day.

Kid beggars was aplenty in this island. A VERY IMPORTANT RULE IS DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. The civilization of the locals here are less advance than what we have in peninsular Malaysia. They will continue to extort money from the tourist, if it becomes a habit that tourist gives them money. This will eventually destroy the serenity and the simplicity of this place. However, if you would like to help these people survive, buy their catch of the day. They will be very happy to supply you with fresh squids, fish, and crabs. Lobsters are available too! However, remember to get help haggling, because I've been there and seen with my bare eyes that the local fishermen attempts to charge RM80 for a 2 fishes. (Daylight robbery!!!) So, be wise. 

So, this very day, I had my dives at Paradise 1 (again), and then we went to Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART) House Reef. I really like it there. It was so fantabulous. Visibility was great, although the skies were slightly dark (it was raining somewhere else). I felt thermocline as well, that certain depths I felt shivery cold and after that it became quite warm. Underneath, the view was so amazing. The artificial reefs were home to hundreds or even thousands of sea denizen. I really felt like I am a part of them too!

Can't remember where was this..but yeah, that's me!
Back to the lodge, the view of the low tide was as fascinating as heaven! The water level subside so low, that we can see so many stuff coming out of the rocks. 

Even the anemone's tip can be seen from the surface! You can see the local kids were walking towards the ocean to dig for sea urchin and stuff like that. I am so afraid, thinking of the dangerous sea urchins. Those kids were really born to survive the nature!

Sunsets are amazing as well. One moment, the sunlight will burst and be reflected onto the surface of the sea, creating a beautiful silky image.

While sometimes, the sky will turn to the hue of dark blue, pinky, orangy and thats the moment you feel so romantic that you wish your lover will bring you a glass of wine or mojito with some finger food. HAHAHA... It didn't happen for me. Too many people around here to enjoy the romanticity of the sunset. *embarrassed*

Lovely ain't it?

I shall stop here. MORE photos will be posted as the finale of my trip. And also a video, made by one of the Instructors that accompany us during our last dive, Yang Berhormat Cikgu Azhar. Wanna have a peek at Cikgu Azhar's videos of us? You have to stay tune for tomorrow's blog post then XD

Goodnight and See ya!

Love Love Love

Wednesday, April 9

Sekkisei Lotion Mask by KOSÉ Review & Giveaway!

 “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…
                  Who’s the FAIREST of them all???” asks MsXeRoZ.

“MsXeRoZ, MsXeRoZ on the floor…
                   You’ll never be the FAIREST, please don’t ask some more!” replies the mirror.

*MsXeRoZ grabs the mirror and smashes it into a gazillion pieces!* NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sorry I had over-dramatize my lil' shred of imagination. I was frustrated. I went for diving in Mabul Island (check out my previous post here) and to my aghast, I was still tanned until today.

 I have not gotten any fairer although I had stayed out of the sun for a whole two weeks already!

Look how dark I am now!

I think I have to go through vigorous whitening and skin pampering process before returning to my fairer complexion. I'm originally not the snow-white person, but I do have the typical Malaysian-Chinese type of skin colour.

Sekkisei Lotion Mask

Until this comes into my hand - KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask. I was really anxious to try whatever that can make my skin looks better, because being under the sun's radiation can cause bad things to happen to our skin. Dehydration, pigmentation, breakouts, uneven skin tones and gaaaahhh many many more! So, last night, I've decided to put faith into this pocket sized facial mask.

Putting on the Sekkisei Lotion Mask
Look how tired I am! I can't believed that I look dark and stiff in these photographs which I captured yesterday! *Emo* Gone were my youthful looks and radiant smile that melted the hearts of many! I am even more determined to take care of my appearance (while writing this blogpost).

I flipped through the information written on the pocket pack before opening up the mask. Well, the wise always say, "Read and Understand before putting anything on your face." Ok I made that up, but hey, isn't it true? HAHAHA... You have to know and understand what type of masks and whether are their possible ingredients that will cause reaction to your skin! 

So here it says,
"Blends into the skin immediately, creating a plump texture. For hydrated, pure translucent skin."

Sounds promising. So how does it work?
It contains three (3) main oriental plant extract as ingredients: Coixseed, Angelica and Melothria.

Coixseed - used for whitening, exfoliation, moisturizing our skin.

Angelica - used as skin disinfectant, moisturizing and whitening properties.

Melothria (White Lotus) Extract- known to reduce melanin production, hence whitening effect.

WOW~! All three main ingredients seems to have some whitening effect. I can't wait and so I put the mask on!


Putting the mask on is really simple. You can do it even with your eyes closed.

Step 1: Wash your face and tap it dry.
Step 2: Open the pocket pack.
Step 3: Take out the white layered paper-like thing from the pocket pack.
Step 4: peel off or open the white layered paper-like thing. Oh, now you realise, that paper thing is your mask.
Step 5: Close your eyes and match the holes of the mask to the socket of your eyes, and to the holes that matches your lips. Flatten the mask with your fingers. Try to spread it to cover as many surface area as possible.
Step 6: Wait for 5-10 minutes. Lie on your bed/sofa, do not move around, take your time to relax.
Step 7: Just peel off your mask. Tap the excess liquid onto your face. It's done! No rinsing is required!

This is my first time trying on a KOSÉ product. It was founded by Mr. Kozaburo Kobayashi, and established in 1946. That's like many many years ago! With thorough research and dedication to cater to their customers' skins, they have move from strength to strength over the years. Among KOSÉ best selling skincare and cosmetics include the Sekkisei, Sekkisei Supreme, Seikisho, Esprique, BEAUTÉ de KOSÉ, Infinity, Astalution, Moisture Skin Repair and Junkisui (WOAH what a long list!)

So it says that this Sekkisei Lotion Mask with the three key ingredients can help to restore and rejuvenate skin into a beautiful, translucent skin. It's a lotion, that is able to refine, hydrate our skin like 'snow white'!

What's my verdict?

I'd be lying if I became 'snow white' after just one application. But look at the photo! Before application, my skin looks droopy, dark and tired. After lying on the bed with Sekkisei Lotion Mask, I had a little glow on my skin! The mask is not thick and it absorbs quickly into your skin. The application is as easy as ABC.

I think I better put on the mask more often so that I can re-emerge as a CINDERELLA for my next event! (There's a Ms. Cinderella Contest as well, but the dateline is today, 9th of April. I am not fair enough yet to participate *uhuk uhuk*. No prince would want me T_T)

If you would like to purchase  KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion, you can find their nearest outlets from the KOSÉ Malaysia Facebook Page, or Sekkisei Lotion Facebook Page.

The price? 200ml for RM170, while 360ml is priced at RM260 (Available at every KOSÉ Counters)

I may not be a Cinderella, but I can be your Fairy God Mother (imagines myself as a plump old lady with wings and a wand). I can grant your wish to be fairer! I’m not joking here!

I’ll be giving away pocket masks to readers (Klang Valley only, sorry) who answer the following questions:-
1)      What are the three (3) main ingredients in KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2)      Name one (1) of the benefits of applying the KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask.
3)      Finish your answer to the questions (1) and (2) above by typing in the following sentence “I LOVE MSXEROZ”

You will return your loves by sending you the pocket masks. *Offer valid while stocks lasts*

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post]

Tuesday, April 8

I'm A Sloth

I don't have a photo of a sloth so I put up a raccoon instead!

Life is interesting! EVERYDAY!

How often do you see cicaks (lizards) crawling out of your office phone?

How often do you wake up on a Sunday morning and found that something is dead in the living room, filling it with some corpse-like stench, and then you dig and search and found a crunchy cicak near the main entrance?

How often do you be home alone in the house and you heard someone sniffing twice but to find that THERE'S NO OTHER PERSONS BESIDES YOURSELF?

How often that a pimple grows below your nose and above your lips that it's so painful even before it blooms?

With so many extraordinary things that happens to me, I doubt that I will run out of ideas to blog about! *flips hair* But the true dilemma was to sit down and type what that has been going on my minds as compared to just typing out via mobile phone. I am currently in love with #Dayre. Yes, please follow me or add me at @msxeroz. [Warning: My Dayre will be filled with Vulgarities and Bitching. So if you have a faint heart, PLEASE stay away from my Dayre. kthxbai].

Anyway, just in case you think my blog has died, here's a line up of topics which I have planned through the month of April 2014:-

1. Upcoming blogpost: Product Review and Blog Giveaway - Kose Lotion Mask!
2. Mabul Island: Learning to Dive with Benjamin Choong @ Spheredivers Lodge (videos to be shared)
3. A day in Farm In The City, Sri Kembangan. 
4. Honeymoon Romance in Bali

So, stay tuned!!!

MsXeRoZ is BACK!


Friday, April 4

Sunflowers Short Film by Quek Shio Chuan

In conjunction with QingMing (Chinese custom of worshipping ancestors' ritual), a short film based on death is being produced by Reservoir Production and directed by none other than the ever talented Mr. Quek Shio Chuan, and produced by a good friend of mine Ms. Cheong Wai Leng. - Sunflowers Short Film

But hey, as will always and ever be truthful. I'm not promoting this movie to boot-lick my friend here. I was invited as media for the premier screening of Sunflowers. Prior to this screening, I haven't had the time to read through or see what's it is all about. I'm glad I didn't. I was as black as a paper when Sunflowers is a short film about death.

QingMing + Death = Horror movie?
Hell, NO.

How is that so?
 It's a story about an aspiring and ambitious make up artist, Ping, who hopes to be famous amongst the circle of the entertainment industry. However, thing's does not go well and she ran out of jobs. Being desperate and naive, she finally lands a job, in a mortuary!

Well, everything will be explained and can be explained tomorrow today, after 2pm. Check out their Sunflowers FACEBOOK page as they are going to officially release the short film to the public.

Yes, you got me right! It's free to view. Where else you can get good stuff , FREE most importantly? 


Date: 4.4.14
Time: 1414
Where? Hell  Sunflowers Facebook // Youtube.

Do watch how the story unfolds..

Death is no longer a TABOO

Signing out XOXO,