Friday, March 7

Ultraman: Banned Because of Bad Translation

Following from my previous post on Ultraman being defeated by KDN, and the excerpt which I posted from SG Yahoo! News portal, I find it an obligation to continue the research on the reason why the comic book entitled 'Ultraman The Ultra Power' is being banned by the Malaysian Government. 

And hence, I found this .... 

(I do not claim ownership of the material published above, and happened to found it over the internet).

Assuming the above material are the excerpts of 'Ultraman the Ultra Power' then it explains very well that the downfall of this comic happens due to a very bad English-Malay translation job. 

In fact, my eyes bleed profusely with the language used in the translated version of the comic, due to the sentence 'Dia semua, kononnya kuat dan undefeatable'. The whole description, the translator used 'beliau' to refer to Ultraman King (a sign or respect of person of higher status) and suddenly 'Dia' (used to call someone of same status) is used. 

I summon the power of Ultraman King to destroy the translator, for doing such a shit job! Damn the translator! He should be trial for treason, making a disgrace to our national language! 

I also saw some of the people were suggesting that Google Translate also uses the 'banned word for Non-Muslim, that starts with an A and ends with a H' (sorry, am no risking the usage of this word in my blog because I don't wanna be jailed) as a translation for the word 'GOD'.

I checked and found that it's true, so, what's your bet that Google Translated may be banned by the KDN as well? 

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