Saturday, March 8

MH370: The Mystery Of The Missing Plane

This morning Malaysia was hit by a shocking news - Plane found MISSING after approximately 2 hours after departure from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. 

MH370 was expected to arrive at its destination at 6.30am, but it never arrived. At 2.40am, the plane was last heard off until all communications were lost around the airspace of Vietnam. Until as of this time, the debris of plane has not be found. 

Malaysian Airline System (MAS) was under public scrutiny due to lack of information to provide to the family of the passengers on board. Upon detected lack of signal from MH370 at 2.40am, actions were taken at 7am, and until now, there is no sign of the plane yet. This puzzling situation, caused the people of various nation to be saddened and tonnes of rumours, internet trolls and senseless jokes have surfaced. 

As for me, I am as curious as most of the people out there. I'm not an aviation engineer or anything close to that, but here's some of the questions on my mind.

1) How can a massive plane like MH370 disappear from radar so abruptly?

2) Why it didn't release any distress signals? 

3) If it did crash, the blackbox will be able to send some signal (something like France Air flight 447) to locate the blackbox. Why can't we locate the blackbox or any debris?

I wonder when will the news be updated. Search and Rescue mission has been deployed for the whole day already, and no solid news is being told yet. But I feel the pain of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety of losing someone you love so dearly. Hopefully, there's survivors be found, and  can bring closure to this tragic episode.


My prayers is with all the passengers of flight MH370. 


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