Monday, March 24

MH370 - Missing Airplane Found

At 10pm today, an emergency press conference was held by our beloved Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. This was to confirmed that the debris found by the Australian Search and Rescue team at the south of Indian Ocean belongs to MH370.

View the press conference here: 

Although 17 days has passed since the plane has gone missing, I knew deep down that chances of survival are very low. But when news broke that, MH370 flight ended mysteriously in the south of Indian Ocean, my heart skipped a beat. I feel saddened by the news. The 17 days of torturement, 17 days of sleepless nights of the family and friends of those on board. 17days of thorough searching by the Search and Rescue (SAR) team. The thought of it is painful enough, and no words can describe what the family, friends, and search teams go through today. 

Will those involved find closure to this tragic episode? Why did the plane ended up in a totally opposite direction from it's designated destination? Why isn't there any call for help? 

All these questions, i hope, may be answered one day. 

With this wishes my deepmost condolences to those whose family and friends were on board MH370. I know the discovery of the crash site isn't gonna make any of you feel better, but i believe, knowing and understanding is a part of recovery. 

Rest in Peace MH370. 

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