Tuesday, February 25

The Crack of The Car That Cracks Our Relationship

This photo was taken exactly 5mins before the one hell of a crack that happened. Before I start elaborating about my story, I need to ask myself 'WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ME?' (P/s: i just learnt how to on capslock for iPhone by double tapping the shift keys. It always frus me off to hold shift+alphabet to type caps. =.= and  I've been using this phone for 6mths already..wtf I think I'm a retard!)

Last Saturday evening, we drove back to Melaka. Upon arrival, we snapped the photo above, then the next thing I knew is that I left his car keys in the car, and the door 'dupp' autolocked by itself! Gosh! We are 164km from home, where the spare keys are and I, being the terribly unfortunate, left the keys inside! Good! WHY IT HAS TO BE ME AGAIN!!!!

I should be thankful, that I didnt leave the keys inside the car, with a baby inside! (No, am not pregnant, but I'm already worried about potential future mishaps). My uncles tried to open the car using wires, steel rulers and whatever stuff we could slot in through the window pane gap. Of course, being no professional car thieves we are, the door left unbudged. And holy shit, we had to fork out RM80 to get a professional to open the door for us.

And the professional car door opener, left a torn at my very-the-expensive car tint. Greeeat! *rolls eye*

So what else, Mr Soon damn bo-syiok lah! So I stay far away abit because I could feel the heat emitted from his surroundings like a black body radiation. If that thing explodes, it will be more horrified than that Fukushima Reactor explosion. He didn't scold me (that's the scary part), but I had a day filled with sarcasm. (I deserved those sarcasm, am not complaining here!) 

Seriously, this kind of joke has been happening to me so often that I think there's some serious problem with me! I can lost some precious things such as handphone charger, ebook charger, and most recent in my list was laptop charger! Oh no, correction, I just realised I have been missing a couple of panties! I can lost things that people normally don't! *pullshair*

In conclusion, I don't think I'm a mom material yet. My rabbits aren't lost because they are caged, otherwise I would have lost them ages ago! My oh my!!!



zhan said...
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zhan said...
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zhan said...

Hey gal, don't feel bad. I'm just a passerby that happen to read your blog.I'm gonna tell you, i'm d same person like you, always lost my belongings.i have lost handphone, car license, clothes, jacket etc which i don't even know how i lost them. I understand your feeling now. So, from now on, we gotta tell ourselves to be more alert and careful whenever doing anything. Cz things will just surprisingly slip away from us. ( i have no idea why )

RedButtockz Wern said...

eh you missed out something, you lost your brain ages ago WHAAHAHAHAHAHAH