Thursday, February 13

January 2014

January 2014 means a lot to me. Having typed that, I felt the emotional turbulence coming at me again. 

1st January 2014, kicked started with a beautiful wedding. I was waiting for 2014 to come, because after attending Yvette's wedding, me and Jian had planned for our honeymoon at Bali (the one I won from The Wedding Notebook Contest). 

Then, I got an email from Bella NTV7, who is interested to invite me because of some random DiY recipe mask that I did.

As everything seems to be so happy and surreal, suddenly...

6th January 2014, my grandfather passed away. 

Yupz, I know what's on your mind, he was indeed a fine looking man. I inherited that eyes *self-proclaimed*. 

Everything that I had scheduled in front of me became a mess. It was supposed to me the 'most highlighted' week of the month of January 2014. And now it had became the 'most highlighted' week of my entire live (at the moment)! 

I didn't give up. I didn't breakdown and cry as if it was the end of everything nice that was going to happen to me that week. I cried because I missed him. I cried because he was gone. 

I was in a mess, but an angel was brought down to help me up. From the wtf-i-have-not-enough-sleep look, Jessy (from D'arte Academy) sponsored me a make up and hairdo session for my short stint in Bella NTV7 (All About Eggs Episode).

What I have accomplished that day was to meet with my both idols, Daphne Iking (one of Malaysia's renown host) and the man behind her, Joe (which is what he was fondly known as). I haven't watched that episode, but my sisters and husband were giggling about how fat I looked on TV. *rolls eye* Thanks for your 'support' guys! 

And so more tears that came out as I bid goodbye to my Grandfather. His funeral was set on 10th of January 11am, whilst my flight to Bali was supposed to be at 9.25am, the same day. I was about to postpone and forfeit my flights, but my parents told me to do what I want to do. I have longed for this honeymoon. But, There's nothing more prioritised than completing my Grandpa's funeral. I rescheduled my flight to an evening one. Paid extra RM500 for the changes. (My total flight for 2 to Bali accummulated to be a whopping RM1400 via Air Asia). 

After the cremation, with cheeks still wet from tears, me and Jian drove to LCCT to catch our plane. The honeymoon, instead of a romantic getaway, became a healing getaway. I'm glad I had chose to go on with it. 

It gave me what I needed at that time. Relaxation, harmony and I truly enjoyed my husband's companionship throughout my days there. It was also my first time going away, but being homesick because wondering how was everyone coping. But thankfully, my cousins have been whatsapping around, proving that they have began the healing process and so should I. 

Then Chinese New Year came. It was another overwhelming experience for me because 2014 CNY was my first year being married. Gone were my years of washing delicacies trays and arranging titbits. Gone were my years of being the 'dai kah jie' of the Chua Family. I helmed the title since my aunty Karen got married . Dai Kah Jie is responsible for CNY kampung house decoration, washing trays, arranging cookies, washing the cups for guests, take out old chinese teapot for morning CNY tea ceremony to wish the elderly, help grandpa pack red-packet, help cut red paper to stick on the  fruits for praying after midnight. Gosh, I used to hate doing all these, but now I realised, I didn't have the chance anymore. 

I am somebody's wife now. And of course a new responsibility took over. CNY was never the same again. I'm thankful, everyone was so nice and the food was great! 

It's not that I wanna brag, I grew up with sandy beaches and sound of the waves of straits of Melaka. My Chua kampung was located right across the beach! I thought that I had lost the beach, until..

I arrived at Jian's hometown, surrounded by greeneries and hills. The buildings surrounding were all low rise and basically the sky has a bigger portion at his kampung. 

Not only that, there's a hidden waterfall just 5mins walk from his kampung house. 

Not only that, the river bed has soft beach-like sand.

Not only that, the water is clear and you can see fishes swimming happily.

Not only that, the water is frigging cold because it's from the mountain!

How can such good things happen to me!!! I can't imagine how lucky I am, to grow up by the beachside, and to be able to grow old by the riverside! Ok I know i'm exaggerating, but life is really amazing! I love nature!!!!

I shall stop now, because this blog post is all about January 2014. And the second day of CNY falls on a February so I'm gonna keep some more stories to tell! Have loads of things to share about my 10minutes session at NTV7 and my honeymoon! Can't wait to bleh it all out! 

The weather is so hot lately that my instinct tells me to get an aircond for my house! And I am sick due to the heatiness! 


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