Wednesday, February 19

Hidden Treasures: Waterfall

I miss my CNY holiday. Wanting so terribly  to be far, far away from the city. Lately, the air was filled with a burnt smell, and it was so hazy! I've been mopping the floor everyday since Friday, and everytime I come home from work it felt like someone poured flour on the floor! Gosh somebody helllllp! Only God know what entered our nostrils everyday! 

As I have mentioned in many of my blog posts, I explored a hidden waterfall in my husband's hometown. I'm going to keep the location hidden, so that nobody will ever destroy this lovely place. Wahahaha! It's 5 minutes walking distance, and surrounded by lush greens. 

From afar, the gushes of water can be heard. Leaves of the big trees waves in the wind. The jungle path into the waterfall only fits one person at a time. And, after that, I was greeted by a beautiful sight like this! 

The water was crystal clear, and freezing cold! The river bed was sandy and cold. One foot into the river and you arw instantly being reenergized. The chilling sensation tingles throughout the whole body. Rocks were scattered around, but easily climbed. Everything was so perfect! 

I can also see fishes swim in the water, as it was so clear! Best of all, the lush trees provide a great canopy, and the sunlight was amazingly beautiful.

If only I have a better camera... Haha! Well, we caught a fish! This is a local fighting fish. This fish was fierce! It could jump out from the container we had it in, and then it practically wiggle all the way to the waters again.

I think humans have chased wealth, power and some insane things that we have destroyed the treasure that mother nature have gave us. Developments, constructions, cars and open burning has made Earth so uncomfortable to live in. 

And I think it's too late to regret now...


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