Thursday, February 27

A Trip Cancelled - Awanmulan

With the excruciating heat that burns us, and the smokiness of haze, we all thought that it was wise to go for a weekend getaway. But we weren't prepared for such mishap to happen!

An email came last night, informing us that they couldn't accommodate us because their water supply had run low! I just realised that the weather has been hot and dry lately, but I never expected it to be this bad! Seems like the whole Malaysia is having some mild drought. We have water restriction and rationing among the residential areas. I wonder when will rain come again?

Maybe it has been fated that I wouldn't have a chance to visit Awanmulan. My dreams for months of lazying at the hilltop resort vanquished immediately! I had imagined myself reading books which I had downloaded to my ebook, drinking tea or coffee (whichever I feel like drinking). I had prayed for a sip of fresher air there because at my house now, we can smell burnt air due to the bush fire! I also fantasized about the photos of the lush greeneries that I would show in my instagram feed. This is how much I wanted to go there so badly!

Maybe one day I will have a chance to go Awanmulan, but the entire feeling will be different. This trip was organised to commemorate many years of friendships and to fulfill our childhood ambition of going for a getaway with childhood friends since secondary school (approx 10years ago). 

Anyway, I'm really thankful that the resort treats customers' comfort and wellbeing first, instead of raking profits (they had to refund our bookings). 


Goodnight buddies! Let me sleep well and dream of a vacation right now!


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