Tuesday, January 21

MsXeRoZ's Roasted Chicken

My motivation to cook and bake reaches a new high especially when my husband is around. I don't know whether I'm suffering from a unknown psychological disorder (LOL!!) or something, but whenever he is around, I would want to cook something special for him. This doesn't happen before we got married so, I guess the wive's responsibility thingy has actually sunk in my mind. Maybe I'm having a OCTH (Obsessive Compulsive To Husband) behaviour!!! Oh no!!

So as usual, I Googled the recipe from the internet, then, I followed the steps using whatever materials i have at home.

Here's a summary of what I did:

1) Defrost Chicken (i only use 1/2 chicken) 
2) Wash and pat the chicken dry.
3) Molest  Rub the chicken with chopped garlic, herbs (i use rosemary and italian spices) and salt  by rubbing underneath the skin
4) Rub the chicken skin with olive oil (the recipe says pour generously but the chicken will be drenched in oil during roasting so, i suggest just rub the oil on)
5) Rub the chicken surface with a generous portion of salt. Everywhere. 
6) Sprinkle with black pepper

The only thing I'm lacking now is a good oven. The one I have was the traditional round oven, which temperature cannot be controlled. So, i have to be very careful with the roasting time. 

I do not know where more to emphasize that I'm not talented cook. Haha my husband says my food is "Sek dak, em thai dak" (literally meaning, can eat but cannot see) meaning that my food is usually ugly but tastewise Ok lah *humble*. 

The aroma of the garlic and herbs filled my kitchen and it was mouthwatering encounter when I opened the oven. My bottom of the pan wasn't roasted well, because too much oil accumulated there. Then i removed the oil and chuck the chicken back into the oven. Slowly the colour changed golden. But I had lost track of the total roasting time, I dare not wait for it to turn even more brown. So I removed it from the oven.

Then i served it with a plate of Buttered Rice. Hmmm, aroma!!! 

Verdict: looks pale, and unsightly ugly for a roasted chicken, but the taste was magical (my own opinion). The meat was juicy, filled with the aroma of the herbs. Not too salty! I wanted to wallop more, but had to refrain myself because my sister haven't had dinner. 

Will I cook it again? Yes! Next time I'm going to marinade the chicken 1 day before! Hiyakkkkk *motivated* 



QingBin said...

Get a second try, bet it will come out better!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@qingbin, yups! Thanks for ur encouragement!

atreyustrange said...

I have not tried making roasted chicken before. hmm.. #projekweekend it is!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@atreyustrange, senang je tutop mata and molest the chicken! then bakar!