Tuesday, January 28

Fluffy and Bunny Turns 3 Today!

Happy 3rd Birthday! My bunnies are all grown up now! How fast time has passed, the palm-size cuties have grown into 3kg rabbits! Yes, 3kg!!!

In case you don't know, the black and white rabbit, his name is Bunny. He is a buck! 

And this brown colour rabbit, is Fluffy. 

On this day, 3 years ago, my then-bf (now husband) brought them home. I never thought that I'd rear a rabbit, but since then, I have learn to love and understand pets. 

Rabbits are a long time commitment. Me and my sister have spend our 3 years cleaning their shit, urine, food trays, litter boxes, scrubbing their pillows, combing their furs, cutting their hay into 1inch length (afraid they will choke), desanitizing cage with dettol and vinegar. It was a lot of mess, trouble and sometimes rabbit stench. 

Am not complaining here, because everytime when we are tired from work. We come home greeted by these 2 and immediately the stress and tension of the day being absorbed away. 

Love u babies. Please stay healthy. I wish to have many more years with you both. Happy Birthday Fluffy and Bunny! 

P/s: please visit their blog here: http://hahabunny.blogspot.com 

Many kisses,
MsXeRoZ mama! 

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