Thursday, January 23

Do NOT Keep Broken Umbrellas!

I was supposed to do a blog post for this in retaliation of my housemate's who I shall not name here. This housemate, I shall name this person 'Kabutrimon'. Kabutrimon has a lot of umbrellas. And me, being a person who dislike seeing umbrellas being placed messily, always advised Kabutrimon to distribute the umbrellas into cars, house and office. Kabutrimon also has a habit of leaving umbrellas lying around after using.

One rainy morning, of 5th September 2013, I randomly took an umbrella out for work. It was pouring very heavily and as I reached my office, I switch off the engine and opened my car door gracefully. (I have not managed to figure out how to open door + open umbrella as soon as possible to avoid being drenched + take handbag and car keys + close door and lock door) Gotta do all this very quickly otherwise whole body will be wet

What happened was, I emerged out of the car looking very graceful. Push open the umbrella and....

That freaking kanasai umbrella not only opened, but opened all the way to the end! Wtf!!! Worse of all, I didnt even noticed it, walked few steps and I felt 'eh, why so wet one?' Seriously, I thought the umbrella berlobang! 

I looked up and saw the umbrella is a malfunction unit. Just imagine the huge embarrassment I had with all the passerby and motorists nearby saw me with such a stupid umbrella! I ran back to the car and grab another one. By then, I'm all wet already! 

Then something made me really angry! I remembered something about the malfunction umbrella! During my ROM dinner on 30th December 2012, Kabutrimon and Kemekz used this same freaking umbrella to shelter my husband. The same  umbrella was malfunction by then, and all three of them were soaked to the core during the dinner! What does this had to do with me being angry? Kabutrimon and Kemekz, kept the malfunction umbrella for 9 months!!!!!!!!! 

Gahhhhh!!! I'm getting so mad. Why do people keep malfunction umbrella!!! ???

Btw, I don't think they do it in purpose. And I don't think they realise their umbrella is missing from the usual location.

If you are reading this Kabutrimon, I would like to inform you that, I threw away ur umbrella on 5th September 2013. That's like 5 months ago. Welcome, if you intend to thank me for that. 


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