Tuesday, January 28

Fluffy and Bunny Turns 3 Today!

Happy 3rd Birthday! My bunnies are all grown up now! How fast time has passed, the palm-size cuties have grown into 3kg rabbits! Yes, 3kg!!!

In case you don't know, the black and white rabbit, his name is Bunny. He is a buck! 

And this brown colour rabbit, is Fluffy. 

On this day, 3 years ago, my then-bf (now husband) brought them home. I never thought that I'd rear a rabbit, but since then, I have learn to love and understand pets. 

Rabbits are a long time commitment. Me and my sister have spend our 3 years cleaning their shit, urine, food trays, litter boxes, scrubbing their pillows, combing their furs, cutting their hay into 1inch length (afraid they will choke), desanitizing cage with dettol and vinegar. It was a lot of mess, trouble and sometimes rabbit stench. 

Am not complaining here, because everytime when we are tired from work. We come home greeted by these 2 and immediately the stress and tension of the day being absorbed away. 

Love u babies. Please stay healthy. I wish to have many more years with you both. Happy Birthday Fluffy and Bunny! 

P/s: please visit their blog here: http://hahabunny.blogspot.com 

Many kisses,
MsXeRoZ mama! 

Monday, January 27

50cents For Cheques From 1st April 2014

I received this message about banks encouraging paperless system via Interbank Giro Transfer. Hence, all cheques will be charged 50cents per piece I assumed for every transaction beginning from 1st April 2014. That, will be approximately roughly about 2 months from now. 

In the midst of Barang Naik and Bad News (short-formed as BN), even bank transactions are being charged! Yes, you may say, paperless is always better! But let me tell you, for banking matters (or other money related matters) a paper transaction is more secure. One week before 2014 arrives (roughly in December 2013) Maybank has changed its web interface, and the whole webpage crashed/lagged. I had trouble logging in to pay bills for a whole week. Then subsequently, the old interface came back.

See? My point is, how safe and reliable is all the Online banking stuff? My personal transactions max at 1k. But for companies, I think many will still opt for the cheque book facility because tens of thousands of transactions involved. 

Furthermore, in the business world, trust is not something that can come easy. For instance, COD via cheque is best. You will never know whether the other party will turn up after transferring the payments to them, right?

Just some of my opinions...am hoping that price of living doesn't increase any further. 


Thursday, January 23

Do NOT Keep Broken Umbrellas!

I was supposed to do a blog post for this in retaliation of my housemate's who I shall not name here. This housemate, I shall name this person 'Kabutrimon'. Kabutrimon has a lot of umbrellas. And me, being a person who dislike seeing umbrellas being placed messily, always advised Kabutrimon to distribute the umbrellas into cars, house and office. Kabutrimon also has a habit of leaving umbrellas lying around after using.

One rainy morning, of 5th September 2013, I randomly took an umbrella out for work. It was pouring very heavily and as I reached my office, I switch off the engine and opened my car door gracefully. (I have not managed to figure out how to open door + open umbrella as soon as possible to avoid being drenched + take handbag and car keys + close door and lock door) Gotta do all this very quickly otherwise whole body will be wet

What happened was, I emerged out of the car looking very graceful. Push open the umbrella and....

That freaking kanasai umbrella not only opened, but opened all the way to the end! Wtf!!! Worse of all, I didnt even noticed it, walked few steps and I felt 'eh, why so wet one?' Seriously, I thought the umbrella berlobang! 

I looked up and saw the umbrella is a malfunction unit. Just imagine the huge embarrassment I had with all the passerby and motorists nearby saw me with such a stupid umbrella! I ran back to the car and grab another one. By then, I'm all wet already! 

Then something made me really angry! I remembered something about the malfunction umbrella! During my ROM dinner on 30th December 2012, Kabutrimon and Kemekz used this same freaking umbrella to shelter my husband. The same  umbrella was malfunction by then, and all three of them were soaked to the core during the dinner! What does this had to do with me being angry? Kabutrimon and Kemekz, kept the malfunction umbrella for 9 months!!!!!!!!! 

Gahhhhh!!! I'm getting so mad. Why do people keep malfunction umbrella!!! ???

Btw, I don't think they do it in purpose. And I don't think they realise their umbrella is missing from the usual location.

If you are reading this Kabutrimon, I would like to inform you that, I threw away ur umbrella on 5th September 2013. That's like 5 months ago. Welcome, if you intend to thank me for that. 


Tuesday, January 21

MsXeRoZ's Roasted Chicken

My motivation to cook and bake reaches a new high especially when my husband is around. I don't know whether I'm suffering from a unknown psychological disorder (LOL!!) or something, but whenever he is around, I would want to cook something special for him. This doesn't happen before we got married so, I guess the wive's responsibility thingy has actually sunk in my mind. Maybe I'm having a OCTH (Obsessive Compulsive To Husband) behaviour!!! Oh no!!

So as usual, I Googled the recipe from the internet, then, I followed the steps using whatever materials i have at home.

Here's a summary of what I did:

1) Defrost Chicken (i only use 1/2 chicken) 
2) Wash and pat the chicken dry.
3) Molest  Rub the chicken with chopped garlic, herbs (i use rosemary and italian spices) and salt  by rubbing underneath the skin
4) Rub the chicken skin with olive oil (the recipe says pour generously but the chicken will be drenched in oil during roasting so, i suggest just rub the oil on)
5) Rub the chicken surface with a generous portion of salt. Everywhere. 
6) Sprinkle with black pepper

The only thing I'm lacking now is a good oven. The one I have was the traditional round oven, which temperature cannot be controlled. So, i have to be very careful with the roasting time. 

I do not know where more to emphasize that I'm not talented cook. Haha my husband says my food is "Sek dak, em thai dak" (literally meaning, can eat but cannot see) meaning that my food is usually ugly but tastewise Ok lah *humble*. 

The aroma of the garlic and herbs filled my kitchen and it was mouthwatering encounter when I opened the oven. My bottom of the pan wasn't roasted well, because too much oil accumulated there. Then i removed the oil and chuck the chicken back into the oven. Slowly the colour changed golden. But I had lost track of the total roasting time, I dare not wait for it to turn even more brown. So I removed it from the oven.

Then i served it with a plate of Buttered Rice. Hmmm, aroma!!! 

Verdict: looks pale, and unsightly ugly for a roasted chicken, but the taste was magical (my own opinion). The meat was juicy, filled with the aroma of the herbs. Not too salty! I wanted to wallop more, but had to refrain myself because my sister haven't had dinner. 

Will I cook it again? Yes! Next time I'm going to marinade the chicken 1 day before! Hiyakkkkk *motivated* 


Wednesday, January 15

Back From Hiatus

Alright! After such a turbulent week of my precious life. I have returned, now, fully rejuvenize and energetic for the upcoming things! 

Have lotsa stuff to blog about! Can't wait to have my hands on my keyboard!


Tuesday, January 7

My Grandpa, Chua Hong Han

This is gonna be sooooo emotional. Lo & behold, you've been warned.

My grandpa, fondly known as AhKong amongst grandchildren, is Chua Hong Han. He has passed away due to old age, yesterday morning, 6th January. *paused to tahan tears*. This blog post is dedicated to him and all the good memories he gave me. 

When i was a little girl, life was poor. My dad has to go Indonesia to work. So we stayed at AhKong's house. So, my childhood revolves around my mother, grandparents and my beloved uncles James and Junior. Ah Kong, is a fisherman, but he also works on the paddy field. How does that happen? I don't know, the people of those days are really hardworking! 

I do not get to see him in the morning, because he wakes up really early. He has a car, usually in mustard yellow color. He will drive to work. His car was sold or disposed about 20years ago, but i remembered very vividly. It was a 4 door with rubbery cushion and sponge, with roller window and thin skinny gear rod. The steering wheel is skinny too. How do I remember so well? He never locks his car door, i will sneak inside and play driving driving. 

During the evening about 3pm or 4pm, AhKong will be home. He will sit at the dining table, demanding for kuih for teatime. Usually at this hours too, Uncle Lim will appear with groceries and some nyonya kuih from Tengkera. I always seen Uncle Lim around, in and out of our home. Uncle Lim then married my eldest aunty. That was the first wedding I attended without knowing. So, AhKong was a kopi O lover. He will carry two water containers to work, 1 contains plain water and the other, kopi O. Sometimes when i will force myself to wake up very early to drink Ahkong's kopi O. Usually i get scolded because its too hot and kopi O is not for small kids. AhKong introduced me my favourite tea break menu- Kopi O with So Ta Pia. Until today, i enjoyed it. He will drink kopi O and make the 'ahhhhhh' sound to make me laugh. Thats how much i enjoy my tea break moment. Shamefully, at later stage of life, he couldnt drink kopi O already due to vertiligo that makes him dizzy and unbalanced.

The next thing which I'm going to reveal is my biggest secret. AhKong and I can spend hours together, watching Hokkien Hee (hokkien drama). Uncle Lim used to rent tapes for AhKong, and during his resting hours, i will sit with AhKong for his hokkien hee session. The hokkien hee is those traditional ones, with dancing and singing ala bollywood. I cant remember clearly the style of the hokkien hee, but as a child(until age 6), i enjoyed stealing moms dress and AhMak's cloths to make selendang and dance. You know, those opera style and the hand pusing pusing moves. It was so embarassing because everybody seems to think its funny and teased me. Hence i put this memory into the my brain's safety box and lock it away. Come to think of it, i think it is AhKong who disturb me and gave me a selendang then tease me. That old man is the mastermind of practical jokes, i tell you! 

I inherited similar traits from my AhKong. We both have thunderous temper, we love sambal, kopi O, ice water, ice cream, fruits of various kinds. One thing for sure, family dinner time will never be the same. As he grew older, weaker, lonelier, and sadder, he became a difficult person to deal with. And for this, i admit that i have not done better as a grandchildren. I never regret for not loving you enough, i regret you had such a hard days of late. I'm sorry AhKong!

If there's one thing I will give you, i will pray with all my heart, you will be surrounded with love in your next life. I will pray that your thunderous temper will be harmonised by people who loved you tremendously. I will pray for that, i promise you this. 

I love you, and do take care. Death is just an another adventure, *waves goodbye* i will never forget you! 


Friday, January 3

one FM, ntv7, 八度空间(178) 2014 Chinese New Year Song "开心最重要"

Dong Dong Qiang~

One more month to Chinese New Year, so let's serenade our homes with lovely CNY songs. Previously I commented about Astro's CNY Song (Check it out here: http://www.msxeroz.com/2013/12/my-astro-mv.html). This time, its the union of One FM, NTV 7, and 8TV (Hence, 178), Chinese New Year song 开心最重要, which literally translated, "The Most Important Is Happiness"

This song is also pleasant to our ears. and the MV featured all the most prominent artists and DJs from One FM, NTV7 and 8TV. The whole MV exude a Chinese New Year "feel". Makes us feel excited for the upcoming celebration.

Besides featuring our beloved artists, such as Debbie Goh, Lawrence Wong, Adrian Tan (My local IDOLS) and many more, the MV also featured local dances. I love the fact that they include the dancers in kebaya and sarong (ala Peranakan's). Malaysians sometimes tend to forget that Peranakan Baba and Nyonya celebrate Chinese New Year too!

The Music Video (MV) is also very happening, and happy. Truly portraying that HAPPINESS IS, INDEED IMPORTANT. I believe that the MV is created "One Shot" and all the dancers and artists can not make any mistakes! So, it's truly amazing talents we have there!

Enjoy the song! Thanks 178 for bringing happiness to our 2014 Chinese New Year!


Thursday, January 2

First Wedding Dinner in 2014: Yvette and Cheetak

Doing a pre-wedding mask so I will look fantabulous upon arrival of 2014

2014 arrived with a super happy occassion- the reunion of love of Yvette and Cheetak. I love attending weddings nowadays, being married not long ago, I appreciate the precious moments even more.

Cousins: Jian Ming, Jian Bin and me. 

Bridesmaids: All of us woke up really early to prepare for this special day. 

Arrival of the Groom.  And Japanese door-opener! Lovely! 

I love the colorful bouquet. 

Even Hazel (the dog) was fully adorned for the special occassion.

Went home, and had a very good rest before heading for the dinner at Noble House Chinese Restaurant, KL. 

Managed to get a selfie with Ah Pei, who is having her exams today and unable to be with us. Nonetheless, her smile and presence is felt throughout the night. 

I don't have photos of the bride and groom. Will update this post when I got it.