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TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 Winners (Updated With Photos)

Helloz everybodiez! I'm currently at  the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 held at Kenanga City Mall. I'm trying my best to do live blogging on the event as a whole and of course, to update the biggest winners of the night! Unfortunately the data network connection was weak the whole time so I only managed to post this out after the events.

The award event was held at the 15th Floor of KWC, which is an open area, with no air-cond. The weather was so humid that even before the arrival of the guests, we were drenched in sweat.

I arrived quite early, with my fellow blogger-photographer TianChad (from and my sister. As he went to ask the ticket collection location, I heard a beautiful serenade of “Years Like a Song” <歲月如歌>, so I walked towards the direction. The next thing I knew was, my mouth were wide open because I just walked into Chilam Cheung (張智霖) doing his rehearsal. So somehow, he will be performing tonight! My euphoria was cut short when I saw a guard waving frantically at me, to ask me get out of there a.s.a.p LoL!

At 7.35pm onwards, hordes of fans and supporter arrived. They were yelling "HIM HIM" and "YEUNG YI". The fans were the soul of this event, they bring so much joy and enthusiasm to the award show.

At 7.57pm, right before the show starts showing on air  (Channel, 310,311 and 313 Astro), the music starts and we were entertained by TVB singers - Fred Cheng, Mag Lam & Friends. (will update the names when I get home).

Fans burst into an uproar of applause and slowly, their biggest idols emerge. The Hong Kong TVB artists arrived via a car, and welcomed with mini fireworks! BANG BANG! The show officially begins!

Arrival of Ruco Chan, Kenneth Ma, Linda & Tavia

The stars walked in pairs, all of them dressed up elegantly. They cat-walked to the Y shaped stage, waving and greeting fans. To lead the pack, Tavia walked in with Kenneth, Ruco with Linda, Him with Eliza, Ron with Nancy, Myolie with ChiLam. (My seats were at one end of the stage so the rest of the stars, I couldn't see clearly). But I guessed Mandy with Benjamin, Edwin with Kristal. 

Here's my all time favourites: Myolie Wu and ChiLam. She was dazzling in red, and to be honest, I loved all of her red carpet looks. ChiLam, as usual looking cool, but I don't really get the coat-skirt (what do you call that?) attire. 
Myolie Wu, and Cheung Chi Lam
I was very near Tavia. If only I have the courage to shout out her name to make her look at me! She was very pretty, slim, and elegant. She shone like a star tonight.

Tavia Yeung waving at media fans
The stars stood there for quite sometime, giving sufficient time for their fans to have a proper look on their idols.

Taken via iPhone 5

It was a fully TVB Awards show, as it was mainly hosted by Wong Cho Lam, the little funny guy & Maria.  The 15 winners of  "My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters" were announced gradually throughout the event but for the sake of my blog post, I compile all and here are the winners:-

最喜愛TVB電視角色My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters
A) 王祖藍 飾 蔡芯 (老表,你好嘢!) Wong Cho-Lam – CHOI SUM (Inbound Troubles)
B) 黃宗澤 飾 姚日山 及 姚月山(好心作怪) Bosco Wong – YIU YAT-SHAN / YIU YUET-SHAN (A Change Of Heart)
C) 吳鎮宇 飾 唐亦琛(衝上雲霄 II) Francis Ng – TONG YIK-SUM, SAM (Triumph In The Skies II)
D) 張智霖 飾 顧夏陽(衝上雲霄 II) Julian Cheung – KOO HA-YEUNG, JAYDEN (Triumph In The Skies II)
E) 陳法拉 飾 何年希 (衝上雲霄 II) Fala Chen – HO NIN-HEI, HOLIDAY (Triumph In The Skies II)
F) 胡杏兒 飾 顧夏晨 (衝上雲霄 II) Myolie Wu – KOO HA-SUN, SUMMER (Triumph In The Skies II)
G) 吳卓羲 飾 唐亦風 (衝上雲霄 II) Ron Ng – TONG YIK-FUNG, ISSAC (Triumph In The Skies II)
H) 胡定欣 飾 凌卓芝 (衝上雲霄 II) Nancy Wu – LING CHEUK-CHI, COCO (Triumph In The Skies II)
I) 陳展鵬 飾 喬天生 (巨輪Ruco Chan – KIU TIN-SENG (Brother’s Keeper)
J) 蕭正楠 飾 羅威信 (巨輪)Edwin Siu – LAW WAI-SHUN (Brother’s Keeper)
K)鍾嘉欣 飾 卓靜 (巨輪) Linda Chung – CHEUK CHING (Brother’s Keeper)
L) 田蕊妮 飾 姚文英(巨輪) Kristal Tin – YIU MAN-YING (Brother’s Keeper)
M) 馬國明 飾 張一健 (On Call 36小時II) Kenneth Ma – CHEUNG YAT-KIN (The Hippocratic Crush II)

N) 楊怡 飾 范子妤(On Call 36 小時II) Tavia Yeung – FAN TZE-YU (The Hippocratic Crush II)
O) 黃智雯 飾 洪美雪 (On Call 36 小時II) Mandy Wong – HUNG MEI-SUET (The Hippocratic Crush II)

Then it was followed by a sweet, cute and crisp rendition of "I Will Always Love You" by Crystal Lee, our very own Malaysian Childstar. She was multi-talented, and won our heart with the beautiful rendition of the love song, which made famous by the late Whitney Houston.

ChoLam asked her whether did she sang for her loved ones, as this was a song declaring her love. She cutely denied that. Crystal was very witty in her replies, and also mentions that she adored Cho Lam "gorgor" the most (which made ChoLam very happy). Crystal then presented the award for:-
TVB最具潛質男藝員 My Favourite TVB Promising Actor

Benjamin Yuen- giving his thank you speech
袁偉豪 (好心作怪 / 情逆三世緣 / On Call 36小時 II) Benjamin Yuen (A Change Of Heart / Always And Ever / The Hippocratic Crush II).

TVB最具潛質女藝員 My Favourite TVB Promising Actress

岑麗香 (衝上雲霄 II / 神鎗狙擊 / On Call 36小時II) Eliza Sam (Triumph In The Skies II / Sniper Standoff / The Hippocratic Crush II)

The dynamic duo from Brother's Keepers also performed a song. Ruco and Edwin were vocally compatible. Ruco was very suave with the bright blue suit, while Edwin ejects a younger "feel". From afar, Edwin's attire looked very ugly (sorry for being honest), but now that with this photograph from TianChad, I feel that Edwin's suit isn't that bad after all.  

Oh I think I messed up the event chronological orders, but anyway, haha.. There's one part of the award show that features the 2 hottest eligible bachelors from TVB - Ruco Chan and Kenneth Ma. I feel that this whole section is a waste of time. Seriously! Video clips of other TVB artists opinion on who is the most eligible bachelor of TVB were aired, and of course come of the witty responses are funny. But the lamest question came about when Maria asked Kenneth, if your mom and your girlfriend falls into the river, who will you rescue first?

Kenneth replied: my mom can swim, so it's up to whether my girlfriend can swim or not. If she can't, then I'll ask my mom to rescue her because I can't swim myself! If she can, then I'll fall into the river and let the both of them to rescue me.

最喜愛TVB綜藝節目 My Favourite TVB Variety Program
超級無敵獎門人終極篇 Super Trio Maximus
最喜愛TVB資訊節目 My Favourite TVB Enrichment
走過烽火大地 Pilgrimage of Hope

Wong Cho Lam, with Eric Tsang, and Elvina Kong
最喜愛TVB節目主持 My Favourite TVB Host in Variety Program曾志偉Eric Tsang, 錢嘉樂 Chin Ka-Lok, 林曉峰 Jerry Lamb, 陳小春 Jordan Chan, 阮兆祥 Louis Yuen, 金剛 Kong King、江欣燕 Elvina Kong, 蘭茜 Nancy Lan Sai, 王志安Otto Wong – 超級無敵獎門人終極篇 (Super Trio Maximus).

最喜愛TVB螢幕情侶 My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple goes to:

馬國明,楊怡 (On Call 36小時II) Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush II)
There was one part where the singers sang an A Capella version of the medley of all theme songs. It was beautiful and I regretted not to video it. I really enjoyed the song!

最喜愛TVB劇集歌曲My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song
續集 (On Call 36小時II) 主唱 : 容祖兒 續集 (The Hippocratic Crush II) Joey Yung

The final performer of the night was none other than, *jeng jeng jeng* ChiLam! and Yes, he performed the very same song that I heard during the rehearsal. He was flawless, but his voice was abit creaky (like he had flu/sorethroat). All is forgiveable because he just had his concert in Genting last night. 
photo from my iphone5

You don't need to squint your eye to 1.00mm for clearer view (I know my photos were bad) haha. Here's a good photo for your eyes to feast on. Look at all the fans. He was a crowd magnet, because when he was about to queue for his turn, the aunties in front of me were flashing their gadgets (Handphone, Ipad, Tablet, camera towards CHILAM's direction instead of the main stage). ChiLam proves to be super popular in Malaysia.

最喜愛TVB男配角 My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role

羅仲謙 (衝上雲霄 II) Him Law (Triumph In The Skies II)

Him Law's fans were roaring so loudly. They were so hardcore in supporting him. Him was a capable actor, but I find that Vincent Wong (absent) deserved to win this award. Nonetheless, I like him as an actor too. Him promised to continue to strive forward and hopefully to be nominated as Best Actor in future. I'm sure one day he will!

最喜愛TVB女配角 My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role

胡定欣 (衝上雲霄 II) Nancy Wu (Triumph In The Skies II).
Nancy was my all time favourite actress in supporting role. She deserved to be promoted as first line actress already! She was very versatile, capable actress and I love her on screen. Jiayou Nancy!!!

最喜愛TVB女主角My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role

鍾嘉欣 (巨輪) Linda Chung (Brother’s Keeper)
Linda teared during her speech. She stammered all the way because this was a surprise for her. Linda may not be a TV Queen for everyone, but she was very sweet, humble, down to earth. It is no wonder that her fans loved her and supported her. She was among the few artists who stayed back after the award show to interact with her fans. Linda is so LOVABLE!
最喜愛TVB男主角 My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role 

張智霖 (衝上雲霄II) Julian Cheung ChiLam (Triumph In The Skies II) 
Captain Cool took home the biggest award that night. It was no doubt that he was extremely popular with his role. Whenever he is seen/spotted, the horde of crowd will turn to his direction. Some aunties even asked the media (cameraman etc) not to block their view. I find it really hilarious! The only thing I wished is ChiLam to wear a handsome suit, and get rid of the suit-skirt costume!
最喜愛TVB電視劇集 My Favourite TVB Drama Series

衝上雲霄 II Triumph In The Skies II
TITS2 soared high last night, winning Malaysia's favourite drama of 2013. I'm so happy to see my favourite characters on stage: Captain Koo, Summer, CoCo, Tracy, Roy, Jim and Isaac. I'm sure Sam-gor is smiling happily somewhere else too. I hope Holiday stays on holiday for a loooooong time. 

TITS 2 to me, is just a mediocre drama of 42 episodes. The characters were interesting, and fresh. But the storyline was ewww.. I can never forget the stupid plot where Roy had to grey off his hair to propose to Heather. WTH. But with Summer-Isaac-Jayden-Sam-Roy-CoCo-Jim combo scenes were the best scenes in the drama. Love them to bits.

Should there be TITS 3? I welcome the idea but let some fresh faces be the pilots. I get confused between TITS 2 and On Call 36 Hours 2, because the pilots are all doctors, the doctors are pilots. *faints*

The biggest showcase of talents were the performance team - which consist of Mag Lam, Fred Cheng and others. They performed really well. Loved the A capella the most!

Wong ChoLam won the hearts of audiences old and young alike, with his comedic and powerful acting skills. He is a great host and entertainer! He had a dig on all the nominees present. ChiLam gave a powerful voldermort aura when ChoLam talked about ChiLam's family. I managed to peek at the huge screen just in time to catch the voldermort aura.

Overall, it was a lovely ceremony. Thank you Astro Malaysia and TianChad for having me here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For better quality photos of TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013, please visit TianChad's coverage here.


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