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The Good Old Times - My Teenage Years

I love this photo of us, all with genuine smiles kekeke...

I left Ipoh in 2004 to pursue my studies in Kuala Lumpur. It was one of the bravest decision I made. Until today, I don't know where the hell the courage came from. I just had one plan in mind - NO STPM. So, by hook or by crook, I had to get myself enrolled to a college for a degree course. This all was about 10 years ago.

What's amazing about all this was how fast time passed. 10 freaking years. Everyone has changed, but I dare say that what held us together was the bond we formed during our teenage years. How do I describe myself during my teenage years? Vain (I still do) ahhhaha.. I remembered very vividly my first day of secondary one at Sekolah Menengah Gunung Rapat. We all gathered at the canteen. Students of all races, from different schools registered for this school. You see, I grew up in Ipoh Garden, one of the established residences in Ipoh. I was schooled in Marian Convent Ipoh, from year 1993 to 1998. Eventually, I was automatically enrolled to Main Convent, Ipoh, but we moved from Ipoh Garden in 1999, and I was forced to enter Gunung Rapat. Yes, me being forced. I hate my parents for changing school, at that moment. But now, I swear that that the best decision ever made in my life. 

I remembered that I suffered from chicken pox about 3 weeks before the secondary school term starts. I swore that I looked ugly and I was praying that perhaps the government made some error and my name wasn't transferred to Gunung Rapat. I was so happy that Cikgu Fauziah, said that my name wasn't in the list, and she was shock why I would be accepted in this Gunung Rapat school. She made as though Gunung Rapat school was too posh for me (wtf). That was what I sensed. She said something like this "How come you are admitted into this school? We are sekolah sukan you know" Sekolah sukan or not, the students around me can barely speak proper English. So I told my mom, "Why the school so low standard one!"

In Marian Convent, we converse in English regardless of what race we were. In SMKGR, we only spoke in our native dialects, Bahasa Melayu for Malays, and Mandarin or Cantonese for Chinese. It was very segregated. I am a chinese illiterate, hence, fitting into groups is hard for me. My first friend in SMKGR is Zeti and Azizah. I still contact with Azizah on Facebook (Thanks Mark Zuckerberg), but I've lost contact with Zeti altogether. My first chinese friend was Moon Qi, I sat beside her for one week and then she changed school to Ave Maria Convent. But we met again 6 years after that, in TARC hostel, and to my astonishment she was the long term gf of my mom's friend. This was also when I met Wei Theng, Chooi Yeen, Sook Wei, Shiau Thing and Lay Peng. They were very passive, but hardworking! They are the most hardworking folks I've ever met in my life.Then surprisingly, I excelled in my studies (Thanks to Marian Convent's strong foundation) and I managed to hop to a better class. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Cikgu Fauziah put me in the 2nd last class because "I don't know how you managed to enter this school" reasons. My form 1 teacher was Cikgu Rahmah and the only thing I remembered about her was she being our form teacher, and she gets pregnant almost every year. I wonder how many kids she have now. My first crush was a senior who spoke to me almost everyday in the morning. He was really intelligent and he somehow inspires me to do well in my study. I didn't want to make myself look stupid so I did really well. I think he is now, older, richer and a father of three. I don't think he reads my blog, but if he does stumble upon this. I want to thank him for giving me inspiration to be the best.

 In Form 2, I went to a cleverer class. Vain. because I was top 3 in the whole school and there are some people who got butthurt because a girl from second last class came above them. HAHAHAHAHA.. (still having my loudest laugh). I then met Eng Teen, Chai Ling, Sow Yee and Pei Mun. The guys in this class was also very passive. One of the cutest guy that I will never forget was Kim Fong. Kim Fong always got bullied by Weng Hong and Kar How. But I never see Kim Fong feeling angry at them. They trio was so funny at the same time. I was the top of the class from Form 1 until Form 3. From 4, my studies deteriorated because I start to jiwang already. of Add Maths.  HAHAHA...but I was still good in my studies in general. The first guy that have the courage to confess his love with me was a skinny guy who came riding bicycle to school (Bicycle was our main transportation). He had a Snoopy patung in his bag, and I was on duty as Pengawas at school gates when he showed me Snoopy. Then he said it's for me. I seriously panicked. So I rejected his love and his Snoopy. He grew up successful in his own ways, currently residing in Singapore, blessed with 2 kids. He remained a funny man, and still makes me laugh. I also had a crush on my classmate in Form 2. He's a jerk who thinks he's better than everyone. So I shall not describe about him anymore. HAHAHA.. 

In Form 3, it was the best moment in my life. I remained top in class, but with some disturbance. I received a love letter, mystery gift, and a crush from a Dato's son. I made friends with some juniors, like Lian Fong, WeiLynn, and Sin Ye. Love them to bits, they were so cute. My hobby was disturbing them. I can't remember what happened in Form 3 but I made a friend cry in school. I lost my temper when she was so kiasu stealing my notes during recess time. Other classmates told me this and I raged. LOL. But now all that has gone, I realised that people can steal your notes, but they cannot steal your intelligence (Vain again) LOL. I also remembered that mom began driving me and sister to school. It was also the year I met Harry Potter. I will take Harry Potter books everywhere. The book was almost banned because it was claimed to be demonic by my Malay peers. Then a guy bought me a Harry Potter book, I had to dispose it because I don't want anyone to feel that I give them a chance for us to develop further. I donated the book to Puan Noor. LOL. I don't think he will ever read my blog, but yeah..am thankful for your interest on me, but I already have the book, and Puan Noor seems to be interested with Harry Potter so I gave the book to her. hehehe..

Form 4. I can barely remember what happened Form 4. I think mainly because it was a bad year for me? That I chose not to remember the details. I still continue to receive mysterious gifts. As in someone left a gift under my desk. After a few days, he came over and check on my desk, the gift was still there. So, in rage he took the gift out, and smash the gift on the wall. Quite a number of friends saw that. I didn't even know there was a gift under my desk! It was a messy year. Year of turbulence emotionally and my studies deteriorated. I hate chemistry, and add maths. But I loved Sejarah (including Sejarah Islam).

Form 5. I think I got myself a boyfie this year. And I told my mom about it. She's cool (to my surprise). Then I can't remember a thing about it. I remembered him, but I can't remember how we met, how he got me. It was my first love. And people say first love is irreplaceable, but wtf I totally forgotten about all the details. My boyfie was a fair skinned guy, who is very intelligent but his minds work different ways than mine. He's really good in his studies if he really focus, but his SPM results was just so-so only. I've always blamed myself for distracting him, maybe. But nonetheless, I decided that time was very near for SPM and I wanted to go to college. So, I scored all A's in my SPM. Mission accomplished! boyfie and I broke up a month before I leave for college. I cannot remember anything related to him during our time together. The only reason I could think of was perhaps, I was too sad, and I deleted those sad moments from my brain. I don't think he reads my blog as well. But I knew that he is doing fine on his own with his new lover out there somewhere. He's doing even greater than me pursuing his studies in higher level of education. *respect*

My whole teenage years, being summary in few paragraphs. The girls were also amongst the most respected persons I've ever met in my life. The guys as well. All of them, irregardless on how they scored during SPM were successful and happy persons. Most importantly, they never forgot their roots. I have learned to appreciate them more after meeting them recently. Thanks to them that I have a colourful teenage memories, and thanks to them for accepting the vain me. I don't think they read my blog as well, but I'm too shy to say all this to them. Haha..so I'll just let the whole blogosphere know, how special they are in my heart.


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