Wednesday, December 4

Ruckus in Parliament: Kuantan Flood by MP Kuantan Fuziah Salleh

1. I'm just an ordinary rakyat, who knows not on the Parliament rules and regulation.
2. I'm a rakyat with common sense and a humble amount of intelligence.

I was having my tea break, reading about the flood in Kuantan, Pahang. It has been raining for more than 24hours already, and even in Kuala Lumpur, the weather is gloomy and sad. Kuantan was flooded since last night, and as a major city in Malaysia, it was heavily populated.

Photos from The Star Newspaper
In some places, the waters were rising to neck level. Even the flood rescue center was flooded at knee-level. Electricity was cut off this morning, according to some sources. 

From the video, it was logic for the MP Fuziah Salleh (Kuantan) to voice out about the emergency situation in Kuantan. The people in Kuantan needs help. There are some who were stucked at home, with no electricity, no clean water, no food. Seems like her emergency notion wasn't following the rules of the Parliament, hence causing dissatisfaction amongst the ministers. However, she humbly apologised and explained that phonecalls kept coming in and the people of Kuantan were in distress. 

Instead of managing the disaster like professionals, the ministers of Parliament, create a commotion out of it. One person, who is very prominent in the video is MP Bung Mukhtar (Kinabatangan). He mentioned that he felt sorry for the people of Kuantan because their leader, MP Fuziah Salleh was not in the affected area. He abruptly disrupt MP Fuziah's speech, and asked her to 'balik'. (This, I would assumed that he was instilling that MP Fuziah Salleh abandoned her constituency during this critical moments). MP Bung also kept interrupting the Speaker, causing a nuisance. 

Watching this video made me so sad, yet entertaining at the same time. How could our country move in a positive light when our laws are being regulated by unprofessional ministers like Bung Mukhtar? He may be a hero to his constituency, but his ways are making rakyat so sick of him. As for the help coming from all over the country, as explained by one of the ministers, he seems to be very unsure about the help itself. He was stammering, and unclear about what time did they dispatch the help (police and fire rescue teams). How many help was on the way? How much food did they bring in? How are they reaching the victims? What is their time of arrival? All this remains unexplained.

It makes me think, is natural disaster a tool for politicians to gain favours?

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