Monday, December 9

Riot at Little India, Singapore Triggered By A Bus Accident

I was attending a wedding dinner yesterday at Johor Bahru, and to my surprise my Singapore-based friends were there already. In the midst of our joyful reunion, news broke that Singapore had a riot. I was thinking, "Ah Singapore, how bad can the riot be? Must be some minor problem exaggerated by those attention seeking Singaporeans (sorry, no offence)."

I woke up at 5.20am, and on my way to the airport, I was shocked! Massive riot case in Little India, Singapore, due to a bus accident which killed one of the foreign South-Indian worker.  It is unbelievable to me because Singapore is a country known for its strict law and fame for its peacefulness. The streets are safer than in Malaysia.

The riot was so bad that even ambulances, and police cars were being damaged. Vehicles were being burned. Law enforcers and civilians were injured.

Singapore immediately zone off that area, and took immediate action to reprimand those involved. Seems like imprisonment and caning cannot be escaped by these thugs.

Little India is a famed place in Singapore, where majority of the Indians were located there. Seems like the Indians were agitated because the bus accident killed one of their people. And soon thereafter, the riot began. 

This incident did made me worry. Malaysia has much more foreign workers than Singapore. In places like Kotaraya, Pudu, and surrounding areas, you can see foreign workers of various nationalities swarm free. If this kind of abrasion to happen in Malaysia, the outcome would be even more massive! 

In my hometown, there is a foreign worker hostel beside my kampung house. They were very rowdy, and everyday, from 9pm until 3am in the morning, they will play loud, blasterous music from their hostel rooms. It was like living in hell. Numerous complains were made to their management, but all fell into deaf ears. According to the management, they cannot control their workers' enjoyment. My relatives did complain that sometimes a fight will break and a peaceful night will be disrupted by cops siren.

I've seen before that during Chinese New Year week (a few years ago), a riot broke out in the workers hostel. The workers were drunk with joy (Vietnamese celebrate CNY together with us). They put off firecrackers via the dorm windows. They had karaoke session. Then suddenly a chaos happened. The commotion was heard as though it happened from the corridors of the dorm rooms, until the emergency staircase. From the staircase (open view), I can see a lot of Vietnamese workers gathered there. I thought they were partying (or dancing), but actually they were fist fighting!

It happened so quickly, that I barely knew that it was riot. I thought the workers were so high and drunk with those roaring music. In one hour time, police were called, and seems like one of the workers were stabbed during the party. It never fail to amaze me how could someone just commit rage and murder another person within seconds. And Singapore riot, just proves that, humans, although we are alike, but we can never predict each others actions and behaviour. 

I don't wish to see this happen in Malaysia. It's too scary!

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