Friday, December 27

MY Astro Chinese New Year 2014 Song - 梦想动起来

Jingle bells fades away and now it's time for us Chinese to await Chinese New Year! Yippie! My Astro has also released their 2014 Horse Power Chinese New Year Theme Song, which literally entitled (I direct translate) Dream Moves (but it actually means Move Your Dreams).

visit for more upclose and personal photos of the artists of the MV

First, I have to claim that I am chinese illiterate, but I really enjoy this song. The melody is pleasant, soothing and at some point creates some surge of inspiration. The music video (MV) is beautiful. Overall, this 2014 CNY Song from Astro is very modern, unlike the typical traditional CNY songs which is normally always (I have list down below):-
  1. Red Color themed. All of the singers + backdrop are 90% red.
  2. Location: some chinese temples.
  3. Old Singers
  4. Loud, blaring DONG DONG QIANG music.
  5. Kid dancers with two hair buns (like Chun Li) in red costume, again.
  6. Some lion dance or dragon dance in backdrop.
  7. Songs with lyrics like "hong bao" and "chai shen" or  "xin nian lai, xin nian lai".
(let me know if you have any typical CNY song style that I missed out)

The unique point of the MV was the cup tapping choreography. To me, it was lovely. But there's some slight confusion here, the idea of cup is creative, but how does it relate to Move Your Dreams? It was supposed to be a CNY Year of The Horse Song, but I don't remember any horses (if there is, it's not significant enough). How does the beautiful lot of new houses related to Chinese New Year, and most importantly, I can't recall the faces of the artists involved in the MV.

I can't spot the ever beautiful Lenna Lim! I keep seeing AhBeng (Jack Lim) only! Haha.. 

I love the ending scene, where people taking kitchen utensils, abacus and counting money. These are sights that relate to Chinese culture; we cook a lot for CNY to prepare a sumptuous feast, we count our fortune and money. Overall, I like this song and the MV. Just that, the MV should integrate more CNY "feel" to it.


Let us all MOVE OUR DREAMS for 2014!


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Unknown said...

Wow! amazing, this song is very inspiring. Well done