Thursday, December 26

MsXeRoZ Cannot Finish Her Ice!

I'm so ugly I know! But today is the first time in my life that i bought a shaved ice and the taste is so weird that i cannot make myself to eat another bite! Basically as I'm writing this, i still have 3/4 cup full of shaved ice. 

Everyone who knew me will know that I love everything ice! I love ice kacang, snowflakes, chatime drinks and icecreams! 

(This delicious looking photo is captured by TianChad) 

Today, i saw a new beverage in Chatime called Pineapple Froz (RM6.90). I ordered this because pineapple ice seems to be special, and i had pineapple shaved ice before from some other outlets. But with my first mouth, it tasted like pineapple tarts filling. There's pineapple husks in the ice too! The froz also is too sweet to my liking. The whole thing tasted so weird. The 3 of us can't finish it!

*pulls hair* 


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