Monday, December 16

Malaysia Toll Rates Hike! Minister say "Don't Use If You Are Not Happy (with the hike)!"

So this is Malaysia, the land of glory. In Malaysia, everyone has to be happy, those who are unhappy, can go screw themselves up  not voice up their unhappy opinions on the Government policy. Of late, our beloved Government has been bringing up Bad News (short form BN) to the nation.

First was the sudden increase of petrol, happened a few months back. The petrol rate of RM1.90 per litre has increased to RM2.10 per litre.

Second was the increase of sugar price. Sugar is one of Malaysians staple kitchen ingredients, and the price of sugar has increased from RM1.50 (if I am not wrong) to RM2.84. Increase of sugar price actually will cause a nationwide increase of food. But our government says increase of sugar price will NOT affect the citizens. I've checked my daily lunch expenses and they lied.

Chicken rice increased from RM5 to RM5.50
Seafood noodle increased from RM6 to RM6.50
Claypot Chicken Rice increased from RM6.50 to RM7.50
Hot barley drink increased from RM1.40 to RM1.60

Third, the increase of assessment in KL city. KL residents suffered heart attack after receiving "Notis Penilaian Harta 2014" where their home value increased 150% to 200%, this means the assessment fee also doubled for them. Again our government said, increase was necessary to upgrade and maintain the city's infrastructure. This increment was for the citizen's benefits.

Fourth, electricity tariff increase by 2014. Again, the government reiterated that the electricity tariff increment was so minuscule that it won't affect users. We shall see again next year. I'm sure, prices of goods will increase as well due to the increase of electricity tariff. Almost everything in our daily live requires electricity. Moreover, commercial units are using more expensive rates plus, increase in assessment, will definitely trigger the price increase which will affect the end-users like us.

Fifth, Toll rates increase. One of our genius minister by the name of Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar says that highways are built for those who are willing to pay. So those who are unhappy with the hike, shut up and drive.

Sixth, public transport fee increase as well. I have yet to check out the new rates so, I shall refrain from commenting now. The new LRT and MRT lines have yet to be completed and yet, the fees are already increased!

So? What's next? I haven't mention the G to the S and T yet.

We already have a plateful of hikes and increases. Somehow to full for me to chew already! Our government seems to be very cold blooded. Instead of understanding the citizen's hardship to even put food on table with all the price hikes, they just brush away our problems with these statements:-

Price of sugar increase, don't use sugar! Sugar is bad for health.
Price of petrol increase, use public transport! Help reduce pollution.
Assessment increase! That's the problem when the land value increase.
Electricity increase! Don't use electric!
Toll increase its fee! Don't use highways!

So ministers, if chicken price increase, then don't eat chicken. Price of rice increase, don't eat rice? Water rate increase, don't bathe is it? 

Fcked up MsXeRoZ

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salary din increase, can use!