Friday, December 13

How To Be Famous (The MsXeRoZ Way)

Today, I'm gonna teach you all how to be 'femes' ( to be read as famous). You see, everybody can be 'femes' if you work hard. But of course, you need to know which aspect to work hard on. Else forever also cannot be 'femes'.

To make my points clear, I have requested my sexy super model Ms. LaLa to do a graphic demonstration on how to be 'femes'. 

This is whole universe Number 1 method to be 'femes'. To be 'femes', you need to sacrifice some flesh. Tank tops and spaghetti-straps are useful attire to showcase your vivavoom figure (if you have lah). Warning: opposite effects may happen if you do not have vivavooom figure, instead the audience will be kaboomed. Girls who showcase some peeping cleavages of their goddess of mountainous valley usually get more than 100 likes in Facebook. Girls who showcase some peeping cleavages plus flabby tummy usually get "hidden" from facebook timeline. So show at your own risk.

To be 'femes', you need to wear the shortest shorts or mini skirts you can find. The more legs it exposes, the more 'femes' you can be. But of course, this comes with a condition lah, if you showcase white, silky, smooth, hairless legs, then you will gain more positive attraction. If you showcase elephant-sized legs, hairy, with cellulite, then you will definitely be categorised as 'femes' in a gross way. Show at your own risk lah!

The third trend I have just discovered lately lah, that is why I must share this tips with you all! Is that sometimes, you need to do the opposite of norm to be 'femes'. Such as wear a headscarf lah. Wearing headscarf, especially if your religion or race or weather condition did not require to wear can garner you attention. Especially if in our country, wearing headscarf is highly encouraged. So this can also make you 'femes'.

Next tips that MsXeRoZ discover within 24 hours ago to be 'femes' is to disappear yourself. Best effect if you claimed yourself to be haunted by supernatural being or something spooky then disappear yourself for about 24 hours. This works especially if you are a teenager who goes for ghost hunting activity in haunted places (eg: Vila Nabila), or a model who happened to rent a new home alone, and the home seems to be haunted. Then your disappearance can make the whole Malaysia spreading news that you are missing. This is one good way to be 'femes' also lah, you know. But be cautioned lah, after you are found and nationwide people knew how irresponsible for you to go missing without informing family you will garner nationwide hatred lah..

(p/s: I wear I didn't do anything to make this picture snowy. It's so spooky that it became snowy by itself)

But you see lah, MsXeRoZ until now also never become 'femes'. Because MsXeRoZ got no boobs to show, no sexy, hairless legs to give people see. Maybe MsXeRoZ also need to wear headscarf already. Maybe MsXeRoZ need double dose, that is wear headscarf and gone missing... Maybe like this MsXeRoZ can be 'femes'.

So how ah?
Any more other tips and tricks to become 'femes'??

MsXeROz (trying to be funny on a Friday)

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