Tuesday, December 24

Delivery Made Easy With FoodPanda

Have you heard of FoodPanda?
I haven't heard of FoodPanda until someone told me about it. Foodpanda is a food delivery portal, where they have several merchants/restaurants collaborating to provide home delivery services. So, out of curiosity, I went to have a look at the website.

It works just like any pizza delivery services. Just the difference is that we have more food choices (because FoodPanda has various restaurants to choose from). First, all you have to do is to select a LOCATION, choose a RESTAURANT, place your ORDER, and Food is ON THE WAY

FoodPanda seems to have a wide range of restaurants (which do not normally provide delivery services) to choose from. I am attracted to order, and what more, the new customer's coupon available at the home page tempts me to place and order.

But first, I decided to explore around the website. Is this all authentic? One must not trust everything on the internet. You can have my money, but give me my food! *wave fist*

So I randomly chose a location, and wow...it must be nice living in Mont Kiara area. They have Chatime delivery, Bulldog English Pub and Restaurant and many more. FoodPanda also have ratings, so like all common sense, the more stars an outlet has, means it is highly recommended! 

I'd like to have a Chatime too! But how do we order? There's so many Chatime drink flavours and topups! Can I order what I want from FoodPanda?

So I clicked into the selection page again, and WOAH... FoodPanda even have pictures for the Chatime Beverage, and if not mistaken the price is just the same. All we need is to fulfil the requirement of minimum order of RM20 and delivery fees of RM4 to order Chatime. Seems reasonable though! If only my office have Chatime outlet that provides delivery services, then we can order Chatime for meetings, instead of serving the boring chinese tea!

I just noticed there's a "Chat Now" function. (I didn't notice it earlier). This is really helpful, if we have enquiries before ordering, then we can get clarification from FoodPanda immediately. 

Not only that! FoodPanda have 7 Eleven delivery services too! *AM IMPRESSED*
So, now those living in Mont Kiara do not have to out to buy beer and peanuts for some football game or party. Just online and order! Beer and peanuts will be on the way! 

So, I am all impressed already. I shall place my order tonight! I selected the location, and to my disappointment there's only 3 restaurants available at my area - Papa John's, Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza and Sarpino's Pizzeria. How I wish I have Kenny Rogers or A&W at my location. So, I ordered Papa John's. I haven't tried the Papa John's nearby my house. My experience with Papa John's Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka was a good one. So I shall give Papa John's a try.

To start ordering, I registered a FoodPanda account. In which they promised, Fast Delivery, Price Promise and Exclusive Discount

 I ordered Fabulous Combo 2 - Best Seller. It was quite convenient, as the ingredients were described clearly. I'm very particular about this because I don't take beef.

After selecting, we proceed to checkout and arrived at Delivery Address and Payment page. The Delivery Address form is quite messy. So I emphasized my FULL address at the comment section (which was supposed to leave any comments, such as, in case you are allergic to certain ingredients that you must inform the restaurant). I don't want my delivery guy to lost his way.
I want a happy delivery man + happy pizza! 

Payments can be made via Paypal or Cash On Delivery (COD).

p/s: I forgot to screenshot my payment page, so this is a mock one.

I ordered at 5pm from office. and before I arrived home, the pizza from Papa John's have arrived! Yeay! So I am welcomed by the aroma of freshly baked pizza upon arriving home. 

FoodPanda also provides small change. Initially, I was worried because where am I to dig exact change. Thankfully, the delivery guy brought small change. 

So, I opened the pizza enthusiastically.


Why Papa John's pizza look so ugly one!

On the positive side of it, the pizza was still warm, and tasted good (despite the messy look). I've had a good dining experience in Papa John's Melaka, and the pizzas were served more elegantly, neat and looked mouthwatering. This one I had yesterday made my eyes squint! 

Overall, I find FoodPanda quite good as a food delivery hub. It was my first time ordering, so far, the experience is OK despite the limited choice available at my area.  I wish there's more outlets in Subang/Puchong area so that whenever I have guests over for celebration or meetings, then I can just order out without fuss.

Hey, it's Christmas tomorrow! Anyone having party? I saw this Morganfield's Christmas Specials, so if you are ordering this, invite me for party too!!

Have a great culinary experience this Christmas!



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