Wednesday, December 18

Buying A Home

I know that buying a home is like a dream. And this dream seems to be so faraway, for the prices of property escalates faster than you sneeze. I was one of the lucky few, who had bought a home two years ago. The decision to commit was never a difficult one for me, as I knew what I had wanted all along - A Place To Call Home.

I never bother to blog about my house. Mainly because I am embarrassed that my house is small and bare and I do not want people to think I'm bragging as well. But so many years have passed. And I have began to realise how can I not blog about such an important moment of my life!

There are few simple steps to own a home:

a) Newly launched or Subsale?
b) How much money do you have in hand?
c) How much commitments do you have? (credit card, car loans, PTPTN etc)

a) Location and affordability is very important. 
b) Be hardworking, call the agents to view the house!
c) Ask questions! (parking allocation, maintenance fee, size, previous owners/tenants)
d) Ask for discounts!

a) Prepare loan documents (IC, Bank Statements, EPF Statements etc)
b) Engage a lawyer for S&P

4) PAY
a) After you pay off the 10% downpayment (for subsale house), you have to wait for MOT (tukar nama hakmilik).
b) Then you need to also allocate, legal fees & stamp duty.
c) After that you need to go TNB, TELEKOM, SYABAS, INDAHWATER, Majlis Perbandaran to for name change and application of services.

So how does my house looked like?

My Bedroom 

Red Buttockz 's Room

Fluffy and Bunny's   Guest Room

My Kitchen

My Utility Space
The only good thing about my place is I had aplenty of sunlight and wind, because it is a corner unit. I also have iron grills with the purchase of the house.

Minor tweaks are done here and there because I have no money.  We rearranged the wiring for rooms and added in fan hook. So, this means every room has a ceiling fan!

and a wall lamp.

I also made a full length 5" wardrobe cabinet for my room. Then my room became even smaller LOL..sigh~

The happiest moment I had was to choose cute toilet bi-fold door. 

Besides those basic fans, and lightings to buy. Every new home need curtains too. My mother in law sew curtains for me. It's really troublesome, because we took wrong measurements and have to keep alter. I had many hiccups along the way to get this home ready, but now thinking about it makes me treasure everything that happened even more.

Among those major issue is: The upstairs toilet leaked, and my whole toilet ceiling board were soaked (with toilet water from upstairs! Ewwww)

My dad drilled the wrong place (exactly at the water point) to fit my shampoo tray! The tiles were cracked and my room toilet was flooded. Had to get my emergency plumber to come and rescue the whole thing. Thankfully, there's some spare tiles left outside by the ex-owner!

After everything was almost fixed, we moved in our old furnitures 


I used back my old fridge and washing machine.

The whole 6 months process of buying feels like hell. Imagine being so BROKE. Imagine SPENDING HOURS to paint the house (especially ceiling). Imagine your BACKBONE, NECK AND ARM ACHING!. Imagine SCRAPPING THE RUST off  (until your hands got blisters) the iron grill before repainting a new coat wahliao thinking about this make me so geram. Why my bf so yimchim ask me scrape all the rust out wtf!

But a home is like a beautiful rainbow. It gives you an unexplainable happiness just by looking at it.


It gives me peace and tranquillity. My rabbits are happier too. They are the house owner while, we are their slaves.

Another advice I would like to give all new home owners is spend more on a good sofa. My sofa already sink after 2 years. (Don't go to those non-branded shops, or furniture hub operated by foreigners. Quality of goods cam haram only)

I know that now it takes half a million Ringgit to own a place to stay. And with all the price of daily necessity increased, owning a home seems like an impossible mission. Have faith and keep finding. There's a place for you out there, waiting to be discovered by you!

Don't give up!



Ken Wooi said...

It is definitely a great achievement to own a house these days. I know how you feel, mine has been ongoing for 1 year - looking forward to move in... SOON! :D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Haha...ok.. advance Congratulations to you Ken upon moving to a new house!