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Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath: Compassion Through Actions

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Lots of rain, gushing
Strong wind, blowing
Just a storm, everyone was thinking
Soon, it will be subsiding, 

Kids were playing
and some were sleeping
water levels were  rising
winds continued howling
roofs started flying
and the house started shaking

 Adults started frowning
Teenagers, panicking
Excitements turns into worry
Amazements turns into fear

Typhoon strikes, and they were sheltering
what if their shelters fall crumbling?
Should they start running?
Should they start hiding?
But they can do nothing
So, they started praying
While the typhoon came smashing

-Typhoon Haiyan @ Phillipines, November 2013-
written by MsXeRoZ

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Super Typhoon Haiyan strikes Phillipines last week, and the devastation caused was tear-provoking. The massive force hits town and flatted the land. Buildings crumbled, leaving a town full of debris. Dead bodies were flung at almost every part of the city affected.

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I could only watch from afar, seeing how the crazy mother nature's destruction is. I can never imagined how these people there pass through this tragic moment. To deal with destruction, death, and live without water, food, electricity and communication. 

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 There's so many people suffering now, and help couldn't be distributed fast enough. Roads were blocked with debris, many people were injured. The survivors have to endure hellish moments of thirsts, starvation, pain from injuries and horrible stench of the decomposing bodies. This is a traumatic experience that one would ever have to go through.

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 Every one of us in the world, contributed to the cause of Typhoon Haiyan's Power. Yes, you and me alike. Earth's increasing climate was the caused of Typhoon Haiyan's source of power. As Earth's climate increase, the oceans become warmer, and when there's the cool air over that hot ocean, a TYPHOON is formed.
Photographs from Internet.
This map from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory shows the amount of heat energy available to Typhoon Haiyan between Oct. 28 and Nov. 3. Darker purple indicates more available energy. Typhoons gain their strength by drawing heat out of the ocean. The path of the storm is marked with the black line in the center of the image

 So did we not contribute to the Earth's climate increase?
 Did we not switch on our airconds everyday? 
Did we not pollute the Earth with our rubbish? 
Did we not chop down trees for development? 

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This morning, I heard the Red.FM discussion session with Joanna, Lil' Kev and Malaysian Red Crescent Disaster Action Directors. They were describing the intensity of the situation post-Typhoon Haiyan, where their army plane had difficulty landing due to lack of electricity and landing facility. There's no water, no electricity, no internet! It was very tear-jerking to know that my life goes on as usual, unaffected, but there are people out there who risk themselves to reach out to the victims of the disaster.

I am shameful. I'll spread the word for donation (not to me of course) to my friends and family.

and as what I heard from Red.FM (Facebook page),

Star Radio Group, together with Tropicana City Mall and the Malaysian Red Crescent will be collecting items to aid the victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. If you would like to contribute , here are the details and a list of items needed: 

Collection Corner
Date : 18 – 20 November 2013 (Monday – Wednesday)
Time : 10.00am – 10.00pm
Venue : Beside the entrance towards Tropicana Office Tower, (Next to Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie and opposite Studio Lounge) Ground Floor

Items needed:
a) Blankets
b) Tarpaulins (to use as shelter, to cover leakage from the roof)
c) Raincoats
d) Foldable canopies
e) Clothes
f) Socks
g) Shoes
h) Non –perishable food items (packed biscuits/energy bar)

All items preferably to be packed in carton boxes and properly tape (please separate non-food & food items)

Thank you for your support.

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I was in Melaka over the weekend and I saw Tzu Chi Volunteers asking donation. I am deeply touched when I read that the moment disaster strikes, Tzu Chi Disaster Relief Team was already on standby to help. They were the first two organizations approved by UN to enter Philippines. I will be donating cash to Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia. If you are looking for somewhere reliable to donate to, here's their website with online transaction. (Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia website). 

Thank you for your kind help.


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