Thursday, November 28

Social Experiment - Revealing More Personal Info Than Intended

The Social Experiment seems to be a popular phrase in Malaysia. It was notably raised by a blogger named DustyHawk, who had himself in a series of unfortunate controversy. Lest, I do not want to describe further on what happened, but if you are still curious about the controvery which landed upon him, there are two suitable websites that you can refer to: & LightYoruichi 

I'm not here to determine how the social experiment works on determining who are your friends or enemy. I am more concerned about how social media usage has been manipulated. DustyHawk's controversy clearly proves that obtaining illegal photos from social media or internet is as easy as A,B,C,  while republishing those photos again, just D,E,F for anybody.  

And what he did was republishing those photos, what isn't revealed is the even more private details of the girls - such as home addresses or phone numbers.

My aunties and uncles have been very vocal about my cousins revealing too much info on Facebook or Twitter. Opening a blog where I blah about my personal thoughts are deemed notorious to them. I don't know whether they take a peek at my blog or not, but I know that revealing personal stuff to the world wide web is a bad thing to them. I had always thought that they are "kolot" (translation: outdated). But come to think of it, they are right in some sense. That is, the consequences that will happen when one publicise their life for free.

Then as time pass, I noticed more and more of my cousins are into Facebook. They were really young, a blooming teenager. Their statuses can be categorised in 2 categories - 1) selfie/camwhore; or 2) emo. In which, both I can summarize as LOA (Lack of Attention) statuses. Whenever they post up a selfie, there will be 172 likes, 15 shares,  and the 85 comments are "chio", "hou leng", "pretty", "love ur body", "love ur smile", "love you laopo"...All these likes and comments gave these young teenagers the boost of confidence to upload even more aggressively. So, from a simple selfie, the photos will evolve to be more and more brave to satisfy the demands of their friends, and even some to out-do their peers. Popularity is the world to them. All for the sake of attention.

This is one reason why can never run out of photos to publish.

I have the habit of uploading random photos of myself, places that I've been. It's addictive, I can barely stop myself. I was very ignorant about posting statuses as public. Up to one time when I wasn't home, I had posted that I was away for holiday, when night falls, I began to worry whether my house will be broken into or not, because PEOPLE KNOW THAT I'M NOT AROUND.

My cute rabbits!

They could have broken into my house, torture my rabbits, ransacked my treasures and steal my undergarments (I have psychopath imagination)! I'm getting more and more paranoid with things that happen around because Malaysia is not a safe place.

So here's a list of precaution one person can practice to avoid revealing more personal info than intended:-

1) Facebook profile set to restricted access (NEVER set as public)

2) Do NOT reveal your address/hp number/ work location (Use the Private Messaging if you need to inform people about these information)

3) Do NOT snap photos of your home address. Why? The place you live in, can determine what class of citizen are you in. You can either be kidnapped for ransom or be an easy target for home burglary.

4) Do NOT update that "nobody's home tonight". Why? It has been revealed that most burglars use Facebook and Twitter status to target a home to break in. Read more here.

5) Do NOT snap degrading photos of yourself in compromised positions. What goes to the internet, remains in the internet forever. You never know one day your grandchildren find nude photographs of you. EWW...

6) Do NOT sync Facebook with your location. Disable that. 

7) Restrict yourself with 4sq, you can use them occassionally, but not all the time. People do not need to know whether you are in the jamban or the bank.

I'm not frightening you. This is all real! You are not as safe as you think you are.


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